Cummings / Ivanka

Don’t forget: Cummings just received this week the authority to subpoena Ivanka and Jared’s email / communications >>>

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Cummings / Ivanka

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If you have an audio recording or other evidence of @realDonaldTrump ’s corruption, today would be a good day to share it. There’s no need to protect him any longer. This is the last year he will be president.

It was my honor to welcome our nation’s Mayors to the @WhiteHouse  as we continue to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between federal and local governments so that we can deliver great jobs, excellent schools, affordable healthcare, and safe communities for all of our people!

President @realDonaldTrump  has unequivocally denounced foreign interference in our elections and accepted the conclusions of the intelligence community.

Have you ever avoided taking an ambulance because you could not afford it?

Our thoughts are with our brave service members. I will fight to make sure they have every resource they need in their recovery. President Trump needs to tell the American people the truth about what happened to these soldiers.

Source on Trump's legal team, on conference call with reporters, said they will be going after the Bidens during the Trump defense presentation.

I may be stuck in Washington for Trump's impeachment trial, but this is what "Not Me, Us" is all about. There are hundreds of events you can join across the country to support our campaign. Help us keep the ball rolling and sign up at .

"I listen to constituents in my district. They are tuning this out. They are tired of the incessant impeachment coverage. They want us to get back to work...They overwhelmingly want this determined at the ballot box."— @EliseStefanik 

The thing about the Parnas tape is, almost everyone around Trump since 2015 learned fairly quickly the easiest way to get him to turn on someone is to claim they’re a) leaking or b) trashing him, regardless of whether it was true. They knew the button to press.

Wait, he really ... didn't think a national security reporter could find Ukraine on a map?