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Side note: The Senate used a similar procedure to try to force action in 1997 on the ill-fated nomination o @GovBillWeldf as ambassador to Mexico.
Rs will surely back their chairman, likely dooming the effort, but it could force the committee members to side against consideration of a bill that already has the backing of seven House Republicans.
They're invoking a rarely used rule that allows three members of the Judiciary Committee to call for a "special meeting" on any piece of legislation.

If the chairman refuses, Dems will try to gather votes from colleagues to overrule him.
NEW: House Democrats are making a longshot procedural attempt to force a hearing on a Mueller protection bill.

Hurd, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, backed the GOP report, which concluded that there was substandard "tradecraft" behind the high confidence conclusion of the FBI/CIA that Putin came to favor Trump.
Rep. Will Hurd yesterday: The president is being manipulated by Vladimir Putin.

Rep. Will Hurd in March: the intel community botched its finding that Putin favored Trump:
Russian Foreign Ministry continuing this AM to promote its "Free Maria Butina" effort.
People didn’t seem to notice that Will Hurd said his bombshell line about the president on Monday >>
Kind of ironic to appoint a "czar" to prevent Russian interference.
@heatherscope @BresPolitico @rachaelmbade Doesn't it bother you that there's no photographic proof he actually bit into this cupcake? #BresCarbTruther
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