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Latest Scoops

Donald Trump Jr. just liked a tweet calling for Rod Rosenstein to “resign immediately.”
Rosenstein to WSJ: "At the end of the day, the public will have confidence that the cases we brought were warranted by the evidence" https://t.co/aerxVcYzjw
Fact check (based on quick Google search): True
Trump the etymologist:

"I often hear that Russia likes to sow discord. The word is sow, an old English term." https://t.co/kaokN9cV4k
Lawyer for GLENN SIMPSON after Simpson pleaded the 5th:
"Unless you are one of the president’s men, Republicans on the Hill continue to show utter disdain for the constitutional rights of ordinary Americans. Despite that, Mr. Simpson proudly exercised them today."
FBI reveals it eyed McCabe after a media leak related to a comment he made about Michael Flynn: https://t.co/055oUnOtJO
NEW: Lawmakers warn of damage to national security if they can't reverse partisan slide on House Intelligence Committee. https://t.co/PrVpNiyWjU
Rep. Adam Schiff, who’d likely run the committee in a Democratic House, is already explaining to Ds why they can’t repeat what they considered abuses by committee Rs.

Ds say Pelosi, a former committee member, wants to bring the panel back from the brinkhttps://t.co/PrVpNiyWjU.
If the partisanship worsens, says retiring GOP Rep. Tom Rooney, the committee “will be crippled” and “our country will suffer.”

Rooney also revealed he would’ve considered running for reelection if he had a shot at succeeding Devin Nunes as the committee’s top Republican.
Committee vets fear the new crop is itching to get into the fray, reinforcing — rather than reversing — the committee’s slide toward partisan dysfunction. They say it’s up to House leaders to ensure serious-minded lawmakers are in chargehttps://t.co/PrVpNiyWjU.
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