Monday September

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Monday September

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O'Rourke says if President isn't held accountable, leaders have failed the public, the country, and the uniformed men and women who've served this country.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: "If impeachment is driven by these hyper-partisan interests, it will only further divide an already terribly divided country." #DemDebate 

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Dutch family found living in cellar for 9 YEARS waiting for ‘end of days’ & unaware other people still existed

Quid Pro Joe deflects Anderson Cooper q on Hunter's crony foreign gigs. "We did nothing wrong." Will "beat" Trump "like a drum." No discussion, "no conflict." Back to Trump, Trump, Trump. #DemocraticDebate 

Seatbelt attachment designed with pregnant women in mind!

This is a god awful debate so far and I live for debate nights. #DemDebate 

"My son made a judgement. I’m proud of the judgment he made,” Joe Biden says. Hunter Biden earlier in the day said “In retrospect, look, I think it was poor judgement on my part."

Andrew Yang turns the impeachment question to his central issue, addressing the fourth industrial revolution: “Why did Donald Trump win your state by 8 points? Because we got rid of 300,000 manufacturing jobs in your towns?” #DemDebate 

Taco Bell recalled 2.3 million lbs of beef after customers reported finding metal shavings in their meals