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Karen Tumulty

Trying to adapt. Also, political columnist for the Washington Post.

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The praise that Trump got from his campaign staff for belatedly covering his face is the kind of positive reinforcement that any parent who has ever tried to toilet train a stubborn toddler knows well. cc: @dandrezner 

"In virtually every respect, Trump’s commutation of Stone’s sentence violates standards set forth by the Justice Department for ordinary people seeking the same relief." @bethreinhard  @PostRoz  @hsu_spencer  @jdawsey1  --

Via @jonkarl  | It’s the duty of the White House press secretary to hold briefings. But not like this.

Opinion via @ErikWemple  | Top writer for ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ wrote racist tracts on a website. Surprise!

Parscale hits a rough patch as Trump’s campaign manager via @michaelscherer  and @jdawsey1 

OMG. A friend told me tonight this was on Amazon. I had no idea. So exciting!

My son says the audiobook -- currently priced at $0.00 -- looks like a good deal.

Excellent (and important) column by @EJDionne  | The Democrats’ suburban evangelists


LBJ on the riots of 68: “What did you expect? I don’t know why we’re surprised. When you put your foot on a man’s neck and hold him down for 300 years, and then you let him up, what’s he going to do? He’s going to knock your block off.”

Trump finally put on a mask. Dear nutty right-wing people: It's okay now for you to do it too.

On Page 1, the reports that the president doesn’t read his daily intel brief. On Page 4, it reports that his son-in-law, who hasn’t been able to get a permanent clearance, does.

Reagan 4/4/80: “Rather than talking about putting up a fence, why don’t we work out some recognition of our mutual problems and make it possible for them to come here legally, with a work permit, and then while they are working and earning here, they pay taxes here."

Original Deep State actors hard at work on their phony emoluments clause.

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So many things that were called "fake news" by the president and his team turned out to be true. The Mueller Report is an exoneration ... of the mainstream media.

Actually, it was Obama who launched $1-trillion modernization of the nuclear arsenal. A 30-year program.

Twitter, you share responsibility for Trump’s indecency. Do something about it.

"I don't know McRaven," Trump said yesterday. Let's check the wayback machine: