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Latest Scoops

"It's OK to not be OK" : After her daughter's suicide, mother on mission to save others https://t.co/z3W2Bfs72n
Emotional support dog bites child on Southwest flight https://t.co/hZEDMrTc0U
Ambitious 'Annihilation' requires patience, but carries a payoff https://t.co/EktLeLfgvY
What's that mark on figure skater Mirai Nagasu's leg? https://t.co/yhC6oK8hJt
US curlers to play for first Olympic gold after upsetting Canada https://t.co/dcizvudIo0
Instant Pot company receives reports of melting cookers: check your unit https://t.co/izfCx2nSjw
School volunteer charged with sending pornographic images to minor https://t.co/2vT5sAmZlX
Lindsey Vonn pays touching tribute to grandfather in South Korea https://t.co/ECo0OvCe64
New York Times writer calls for sweatpants, says yoga pants are 'bad for women' https://t.co/ifA6rR9a6o
Mirai Nagasu unloads after Olympic flop, says free skate audition for Dancing with the Stars https://t.co/anFLjXL7r2
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