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6 minutes
Video shows Cadillac drive away after striking woman on motorcycle https://t.co/fqamtNLI9I
8 minutes
16-year-old girl dies from a rare condition after a hairball is found inside her stomach https://t.co/27EdQNTjo2
23 minutes
Lost and found: Woman reunited with engagement ring she thought was gone forever https://t.co/Z58suVxy4J
38 minutes
Parents honor the 'angel' they lost in an emotional photoshoot with newborn daughter https://t.co/70gpdFV4LL
42 minutes
Mueller team's focus on Paul Manafort spans 11 years https://t.co/8DNUXoDAr3
53 minutes
Taylor Swift is being sued over the lyrics to 'Shake it Off' https://t.co/J4hPnyyHIq
Student in critical condition after fight involving another student and parent at Ruskin High School https://t.co/NVuMGNbu8i
1 dead in crash involving school bus, motorcycle https://t.co/icltsNJouJ
Breweries use recycled waste water to make beer https://t.co/71y56ncbSR
The future of Taco Bell: Fewer drive-thrus, more booze https://t.co/acEpesEc9s
'Furious' Worlds of Fun ride is also a fantastic training tool for swift water rescue teams https://t.co/gp8nQyuuA0
Watch: 7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Mexican TV station during broadcast https://t.co/KMWv8dYTj2
Boost Mobile shooting victim well known and well loved https://t.co/664b2pRbLd
9th patient confirmed dead in Florida nursing home tragedy https://t.co/EWjiaRMgaI
These are the baby names that grandparents really don't like https://t.co/iALu0cNoPP
Hurricane Maria continues to strengthen as Category 5 storm; wind speeds up to 175 https://t.co/cM7IHESlW1
Kindergarten students help train service dog https://t.co/1S8E28vuKb
This woman's Glad container hack is going viral https://t.co/K4V1k5kyL1
Company agrees to $5M settlement in butter flavoring case https://t.co/4UimeHtDuQ
Chance for storms coming late Wednesday into Thursday https://t.co/y9ndmZHSCm
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