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  3. #tbt to my look last week 😘
#Tbt to my look last week 😘
#Tbt to my look last week 😘


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A look at Highlands celebrating both soccer regional titles this week https://t.co/WZCxENyYak
Here is a look at the differences between the Guatemala-Mexico border and the U.S.-Mexico border between Tijuana and San Diego where members of a migrant caravan arrived last spring: https://t.co/TVx6c17iXP
“Bondie has worked a ton,” UW coach Paul Chryst said. “You don’t just get ready for this opportunity last week or this week. It’s been stuff he's been doing for his whole career here." https://t.co/q5G8ou92FN
A 22-year-old man is blaming his mother after a gun was found in his luggage by TSA agents in Baltimore last week. https://t.co/9O8rFZuulh
.@MiamiDolphins head coach Adam Gase looks at some big plays from the 4th quarter of last week's win over Chicago and also breaks down the @JoeRoseShow lowlight of the week. The #CoachAdamGaseShow airs Sunday at 11am on MyTV 33 #FinsUp #FinsOn4
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Several cremated remains have been found by cleaning crews at a former funeral home where mummified remains of 10 fetuses were discovered last week in a ceiling, according to state licensing inspectors. https://t.co/QZ0tIi88eV
Derrick Jones Jr. scored the last Heat basket and here's a look at his development via @GeorgeRichards : https://t.co/qAVFJG3deg
ICYMI: Isaac Zico had the breakout he'd been working for last week at Illinois. https://t.co/0dtaX0hP4d He just followed up with a nice 13-yard touchdown catch to give #Purdue a 7-0 lead on Ohio State.
Here is a look a peak wind gusts from the last three hours. Gustiest winds in parts of southeast IL and southwest IN where a wind advisory remains in effect until 8 PM.
Wow... Sold out all of our brand new @blackbookrecs merchandise last night in LA... going to set up a pre-order this week for everyone, stay tuned! #BlackbookExperience
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