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Kimberly Guilfoyle

Mother, Sister, Patriot, Proud American / Senior Adviser @realdonaldtrump 2020 Presidential Campaign ??

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It’s hard to imagine how anyone could still have faith in the impartiality of Big Tech and the mainstream media.  We need YOU to fight back, get involved, and VOTE! Read my OpEd:

One Of Biden’s First Admin Hires Helped Push Through China Trade Bill That Caused ‘Sharp Drop’ In US Jobs via @DailyCaller 

Explosive: New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA - Revolver

Democrats don’t want civility or unity, they want absolute power and control. They wouldn’t even join with @mattgaetz  to recite the pledge...

The farmers to families food box is an amazing program that must be continued! @IvankaTrump  created this beautiful initiative to support farmers and families struggling because of COVID19. ❤️ US

Yep. This is happening just like they planned. Textbook leftist strategy: create chaos, push radical policies. Rinse, repeat. We’ve seen this before!

A message of thanks to all of you from @DonaldJTrumpJr  and me this blessed #Easter  weekend. Hope it was great for you and your families.


We had the ladies of @TheView  absolutely TRIGGERED! Hah! Proud to stand with @DonaldJTrumpJr , @realDonaldTrump , and the entire Trump family. America loves the Trumps! #KAG2020  ??❤️

This debate is absolutely devastating for the Harris-Biden ticket. #Debates2020 

Did you just threaten to subpoena someone for criticizing you? As a lawyer and former prosecutor I find this deeply troubling.

Miami PD Estimates More Than 30,000 Cars Participated in Anti-Communist, Latinos For Trump Caravan in South Florida (VIDEO) via @gatewaypundit 

This is hateful and vindictive... It also has no place in our political discourse. Hello? Where is the outrage from the mainstream media? The silence is pathetic!

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers! 🙏 I feel good thanks be to God and look forward to a speedy recovery so I can resume working to re-elect @realDonaldTrump  ❤️ US

Poll: 56% Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Under Trump Than Four Years Ago Under Obama-Biden

@realDonaldTrump  is the first President is US history to be attacked for doing exactly what he said he was going to do

Shame on you Twitter. Suspends Angel Mom for Posting About Illegal Immigration