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"Actually, I think that Donald Trump does have a plan...his plan is to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans in the middle of a pandemic," says @SenWarren  of the President's health care plan. "It's not a plan that human beings would support...but it is a plan."

There are thousands of people RIGHT NOW in hospital beds with tubes down their f*cking throats wondering when and if they’re going to FACETIME THEIR LOVED ONES TO SAY GOODBYE. This the reality; these are stakes.

Donald Trump Jr.: "Why aren't they talking about deaths? Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing because we've gotten control of this thing." Coronavirus deaths in US yesterday: 1,016 Deaths over last 7 days: 5,579 Deaths on 9/11: 2,977

In the spirit of @CharlieDaniels , I have a new hashtag that I’m going to promote daily. #BidenScandalAintGoingAway . Make this hashtag trend now.

BREAKING: U.S. sets a new daily record for Covid-19 cases, topping 86,000

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The key fact of the Greenwald episode: the Intercept uncritically took dictation from John Brennan, Jim Clapper, and Michael Hayden, and killed a piece by their Pulitzer-winning founder because it was critical of the probable next president.

President Trump presents "a land of alternate reality and alternative facts" at his rallies, says @donlemon . #DonsTake 

JUST IN: New Zealand set to legalise euthanasia for the terminally ill

Trump strips protections for endangered gray wolves