Dec / Woodlands / Lawrenceville / Jan / Knoxville / Dallas / Westbury

Smiling because I can't wait to get back on stage for the next event on my book tour! #AlamoAvengers  📸: @PinkstonGroupPR  Dec. 14 | Woodlands, TX Dec. 15 | Lawrenceville, GA Jan. 7 | Knoxville, TN Jan. 22 | Dallas, TX Jan. 25 | Westbury, NY

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Dec / Woodlands / Lawrenceville / Jan / Knoxville / Dallas / Westbury

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Having fled bombing, Syrian children learn to read in borderland tent schools by @khalelashawe 

In Opinion In his interview with our editorial board, Joe Biden said, “If I’m able to pass what I’m talking about, my administration would go down in history as one of the most progressive administrations in American history”

Not sure if we should be amazed or terrified

It’s possible to turn things around with a coworker you dislike, but know that you’ll probably have to take the lead.

463 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with #diabetes  & up to 95% of them have Type 2. A new drug being developed in Israel could offer a solution to treating the main cause of Type 2 Diabetes, by canceling out #insulin  resistance. Read more:👇

Over the past few years wages for workers toward the bottom of the income stream have been rising faster than wages for those toward the top. If the bosses have the workers by the throat, how can this be happening?

Want to live in a plane house? In Nigeria's capital city there is a rather unique airplane-shaped property that's attracting attention

When in Switzerland for the summer, this spot is a must-stop

Apple. Microsoft. Saudi Aramco. And now Alphabet. The club of public companies worth $1 trillion added a new member this week.