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Brian Kilmeade

Co-anchor, Fox & Friends host, The Brian Kilmeade Show, NY Times Best Selling Author.

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Watching @fredclaus  with family best way to kick off season. !! Is there a better Christmas movie? Lmk

Colorado bar and restaurant owners vow to stay open in a pact to fight COVID-19 restrictions: “We don’t have another option.” @foxandfriends 

As states brace for new COVID-19 restrictions, @DrMarcSiegel  warns of ‘lessons we are not learning,’ says another lockdown would cause ‘economic devastation.’ @foxandfriends 

Rob Smith breaks down the ideological divide among democrats as Joe Biden begins administration nominees and appointments. @robsmithonline  @foxandfriends 

Better...Thanks but a little disappointed to be sandwiched between these two “no name” authors 😜 #AlamoAvengers 

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@ChrisChristie : There Comes A Point In Time You Have To Say I Lost And Need To Move On #TheBrianKilmeadeShow  @foxnewsradio 


This is why so many Trump supporters are optimistic he will get 4 more years - about 1,000 cars lined up for a @realDonaldTrump  parade from Seaford to Montauk - 60 miles!! Not campaign organized, just passionate voters.

This just in @HillaryClinton  officially lost the 2016 election

@nypost  writer @LevineJonathan  goes inside his exclusive interview with a political insider who has been committing mail-in voter fraud, and detailed how he did it, for years on @foxandfriends 

TONIGHT the newest episode of "What Made America Great" premieres at 10pm ET on @FoxNews  Channel! I visited the White House to take a deep dive into history and got an exclusive interview with President@realDonaldTrump  in the Oval Office.

You can’t say @JoeBiden  showed class and @realDonaldTrump  did not..Biden said shut up, worst president ever, clown, racist

Why we except that @realDonald Trump said what’s in the Atlantic article..its ok for @JoeBiden  to disavow senate reports, but Trump cant push back on magazine stories?

How long is @JoeBiden  get to talk...memorized line on family.. @realDonaldTrump  should have a chance to answer the question

Why can’t @JoeBiden  admit ..unrequested ballots flooding states is a problem when voter rolls are not updated and avg Americans moves every two years