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TONIGHT on Fox News Primetime, we're breaking down the Biden-Putin Summit, the real threat from China, and so much more at 7pm/ET. Joining me with reaction and analysis: @NikkiHaley  @dbongino  @GregGutfeld @SenJohnKennedyShow See you then!

@Sean_C_Larkin , Retired Tulsa Police Sergeant, discusses his retirement and changes in policing over his 25 year career.

Senator @RogerMarshallMD  on President Trump playing a big role in helping Republicans take back the House & Senate in 2022. #TheBrianKilmeadeShow 

Live now on Fox News Primetime! Join me for the next hour - big show ahead.

“Weakness invites the wolves, and we need to be more firm”: @SenJohnKennedy  urges for answers behind the origins of COVID-19.

Lt. Col @AllenWest  says that Texans are suffering from the illegal immigration surge at the border and urges the Biden administration to address their immigration policies that are making it possible.


One of best political ads I have seen!! @realDonaldTrump 

TONIGHT the newest episode of "What Made America Great" premieres at 10pm ET on @FoxNews  Channel! I visited the White House to take a deep dive into history and got an exclusive interview with President@realDonaldTrump  in the Oval Office.

So I have actually lost 30k followers in 4 hours? Is that even possible? Parler iced? Is this to please @JoeBiden ? Does he know what Twitter is ?

@nypost  writer @LevineJonathan  goes inside his exclusive interview with a political insider who has been committing mail-in voter fraud, and detailed how he did it, for years on @foxandfriends 

This is why so many Trump supporters are optimistic he will get 4 more years - about 1,000 cars lined up for a @realDonaldTrump  parade from Seaford to Montauk - 60 miles!! Not campaign organized, just passionate voters.

You can’t say @JoeBiden  showed class and @realDonaldTrump  did not..Biden said shut up, worst president ever, clown, racist

Why we except that @realDonald Trump said what’s in the Atlantic article..its ok for @JoeBiden  to disavow senate reports, but Trump cant push back on magazine stories?

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