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Brian Kilmeade

Co-anchor, Fox & Friends host, The Brian Kilmeade Show, NY Times Best Selling Author.

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@gen_jackkeane  breaks down the Afghanistan withdrawal ‘debacle’ and China’s threats against Taiwan.

Join me at Barnes & Noble - Staten Island Mall on November 4, 2021, as we celebrate the release of my new book "THE PRESIDENT AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTER." @BNStatenIsland  Get tickets: *A ticket PER PERSON includes one personalized, signed copy of the book*

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@HerschelWalker  believes it is not the right message for President Trump to say republicans will not vote in '22 or '24 if we don't solve election fraud. Walker says everyone has to get out and vote. #TheBrianKilmeadeShow  @foxnewsradio 

via @nytimes ⁩ another reason to be embarrassed to work in NYC & live in NY - w/o Jefferson we would not have a country for you to destroy!!

@generalkellogg  discusses the ‘message’ North Korea is sending by firing ballistic missiles into the seas of Japan. Gen. Keith Kellogg's new book, “War by Other Means” hits the shelves today.

‘This is a battle between freedom and socialism’: Sen. @SteveDaines  says the stakes of the spending bill cannot be higher.

The President and the Freedom Fighter comes out November 2nd and I’m hitting the road! Get your tickets before it’s too late at

Lt. Col. Scheller’s father calls out Marine Corps’ “toxic" culture on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow  @foxnewsradio 


One of best political ads I have seen!! @realDonaldTrump 

congress briefed - gates closed at Kabul airport. 300 plus Americans and 1000s of our afghan allies left behind. STRANDED how can anyone in Biden admin keep their jobs?

@jockowillink  says President@realDonaldTrump 's gamble ordering the strike that killed Soleimani was a brilliant move that killed an enemy of America and the Iranian people on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow  @foxnation  @foxnewsradio 

@nypost  writer @LevineJonathan  goes inside his exclusive interview with a political insider who has been committing mail-in voter fraud, and detailed how he did it, for years on @foxandfriends 

So I have actually lost 30k followers in 4 hours? Is that even possible? Parler iced? Is this to please @JoeBiden ? Does he know what Twitter is ?

This is why so many Trump supporters are optimistic he will get 4 more years - about 1,000 cars lined up for a @realDonaldTrump  parade from Seaford to Montauk - 60 miles!! Not campaign organized, just passionate voters.

You can’t say @JoeBiden  showed class and @realDonaldTrump  did not..Biden said shut up, worst president ever, clown, racist

Why we except that @realDonald Trump said what’s in the Atlantic article..its ok for @JoeBiden  to disavow senate reports, but Trump cant push back on magazine stories?