Gidley / White House / West Wing

A throne of lies: Despite what Gidley said, a White House source said the mistake was due to an error by the @WhiteHouse , a remarkable disagreement over the responsibility for an inaccurate press release within the West Wing. #ImpeachingHearings  #Vindman 

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Gidley / White House / West Wing

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The moment @JoeBiden  and I walk into the White House, we will inherit a series of unprecedented challenges. Today's announced national security and foreign policy leaders have the knowledge and expertise to keep our country safe and restore America’s leadership around the world.

#OperationWarpSpeed is one of the greatest achievements in American history. President Trump’s leadership paved the way.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge 4 Republican officials who despite pressure from the president and his party remained allegiant to facts and truth and democracy and integrity... and math : @Commish_Schmidt  @GaSecofState  @nppd_krebs  Aaron Van Langevelde

When you head to the grocery store this week for your Thanksgiving shopping, remember that grocery store workers are facing serious health risks to keep their communities fed this holiday season. They deserve an Essential Workers Bill of Rights. #ProtectEssentialWorkers 

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“A republic... if you can keep it.”

SCOOP: A host for OAN is assisting Trump’s legal team with their election overturning efforts, showing up at campaign HQs but never revealing it on air W/ and @swin24  @maxwelltani 

It’s simple: @Amazon  needs to stop undermining its workers’ legal right to organize.

Biden’s nominees have pushed policies that Trump used to fuel his rise

It’s hard to beat birthday wishes from your mom and dad! 🎶🎈

4/ The system worked only because conservatives like Aaron Van Langevelde in Michigan and U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann in PA had more integrity than most GOP Officials in Washington DC combined. There will be an attempt at revisionism. The news media cannot let that happen.