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Day Editor in Queensland, journalist and Election Producer at ABC News.

Latest Scoops

What's going on with @Telstra reception in Brisbane at the moment? Normally 3-4 bars at desk. Today almost nothing.
Dolores O'Riordan: #Cranberries lead singer dies suddenly in London at 46 https://t.co/crVvhDNJEG via @abcnews
New ABC News Qld presenting team. From Monday 29th @MattWordsworth returns home to Brisbane. Matt will present @abcnews Qld Monday-Thurs and @jessvanvonderen will present Friday-Sunday.
2017 was Queensland's hottest year on record. 3rd warmest nationally.

Another irukandji found off Fraser Island. Lifeguards were dragging. It's tiny but potentially deadly.

This week is @karina_carv last with us here in Queensland. Karina's taken a national gig at the News Channel. Her last day in Queensland is Thursday. Thanks for the years Karina!
Saw it was getting attention so flicked it on. What's the point? Why isn't it live? #TheGhan

I'm gonna whack some cameras on my car next time I drive to the shops and sell it to SBS.

I'm sure the Ghan is much better if you're on it for real.

Self-serve petrol law takes effect in Oregon, sparking social media panic — and mockery https://t.co/I2oxlVdcKP via @abcnews
'Very dangerous' thunderstorm heading for Logan, Beenleigh.
@BOM_Qld Warning: https://t.co/BlnaNs4WMr
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