SCOOP: is negotiating a security contract with the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO through an Israeli firm that was paid $8M to block additional sanctions by the TRUMP administration against the DRC for corruption & human rights abuses.

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WATCH: Andrew Yang calls on someone "to pull an Andrew Yang" and bow out of 2020 race

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#SundaySquareOff ✅Teachers union chief @AZ1Thomason  #InvestInEd  ✅ @elizabethwhittyon  Cathi Herrod & daughter ✅ @prbentz & @royherreraphxon  latest in McSally/Kelly race 8am #12News 

#NaMosteTrump This is the eighth visit by a sitting US President and the ninth meeting between Modi and Trump

Meet the @UN ´s Standby Team of Senior Mediation Advisers - ready to be deployed anywhere in the world in less than 72 hours to help parties in conflict make #peace .

“A lot of people think so,” Rep. Jim Clyburn tells @GStephanopoulos  when asked if Sanders being the nominee could put the House majority in danger. “I think that that would be a real burden for us in these states,” he says, pointing to "socialist" label.

@Clyburn  "Elizabeth Warren demonstrated ... she has tenacity " in NBC's Vegas debate, say @Clyburns . "She was not unwilling to engage. So she did herself a lot of good. " #MTP 

Reminder: Joe Biden has run for president 3 times and *still* never won a primary or caucus

Bayard Rustin, an honorable man who was arrested in 1953 for having sex with a man and had to register as a sex offender, was only pardoned by a California governor two weeks ago, never having experienced the correction of the gross injustice forced upon him. #BlackHistoryMonth 

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#NaMosteTrump The Delhi traffic police have urged motorists and commuters to keep these factors in mind while planning their travel in case they have to get to these areas.

In stark contrast, Donald Trump's pardoning of those who have been rightfully convicted for crimes ranging from extortion, bribery, tax fraud, and conspiracy charges is truly the perversion of justice that all Americans should condemn.