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Ok, time to shift my emotional energy to the Eagles, so they can disappoint me next.

MEHMET OZ could become the United States’ first Muslim senator. But Muslim enthusiasm for him seems tempered by the fact that he owes his political rise partly to TRUMP, who spread Islamophobia more widely than any other recent American leader.

ALEKSEI KISELEV told an undercover FBI agent he was trying to move $3B frozen in European bank accounts due to sanctions — which sounds like it could be for his onetime client, Ukrainian strongman YANUKOVYCH. He was charged with money laundering this week

Journalism is by far the most regretted college major, with 87% saying they would have chosen a different major, per @ZipRecruiter survey. "Job seekers’ feelings about their college majors are strongly tied to their job prospects later," ZipRecruiter says

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Among graduates who regret their major, the top majors they wish they had chosen instead are computer science (selected by 13%) & business administration (11%). The graduates most satisfied with their majors were in info sciences & criminology (72% would choose the same major).

JUST POSTED: With Washington headed for divided government, The Oversight Industrial Complex is revving up. Millions of dollars are already starting to flow to defense lawyers & new nonprofit groups geared toward GOP congressional investigations.

After being bombarded with sports betting ads, I started wondering about the explosion of sports betting. My @nytimes  colleagues & I decided to investigate. Today, we are publishing several stories on the fastest expansion of gambling in US history.

NEW: The @SBF_FTX  & @FTX_Official  influence operation blurred lines between politics, 501c advocacy & corporate lobbying in a manner that concerned some involved. There is at least one state investigation of possible criminal campaign finance violations.

With hundreds of millions spent in dozens of battlegrounds, only 26 House seats (6% of races) flipped from one party to the other.


TRUMP’S NEW @PressSec45 @StephGrisham45: ’s history might have scared off other administrations. She lost one job after being accused of cheating on expense reports & one over plagiarism charges. She has 2 DUI arrests, including 1 during the Trump campaign.

NEW: The BIDENS are entangled in a Ukrainian corruption scandal: pushed Ukraine to fire a prosecutor seen as corrupt. BUT the prosecutor had opened a case into a company that was paying HUNTER BIDEN. The Bidens say they never discussed it.

NEW: The TRUMP admin. claimed it forced painful concessions from OLEG DERIPASKA to lift sanctions on his companies. But a confidential document shows he & his allies will retain majority ownership, & he will settle huge debts likely at favorable rates.

Corey Lewandowski insists that he has nothing to do with the Trump-linked lobbying firm Turnberry Solutions, but it’s headquartered IN HIS DC HOUSE.

At least four Republicans who sought to undercut or overturn the 2020 presidential election are launching campaigns to become the top election official in key states that could decide control of Congress in 2022 — & who wins the White House in 2024.

There was a small army of highly paid lawyers in DC & NY who used to send threatening letters when we covered their Russian oligarch clients. I've been reaching out to them over the past few days to ask if they're still representing the oligarchs. They have mostly not responded

This appears to be a video of @SpeakerPelosi  talking to donors at the @dccc  retreat this weekend in Napa.

MANAFORT and TRUMP "are literally living in the same building and...they go up and down all day long hanging and plotting together" -- text from one of Manafort's daughters to the other on 4/7/16, just days after their dad was hired by the campaign.