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Kenneth P. Vogel

@nytimes. @GlensGardenMkt. philly sports. Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp:

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Mark Zuckerberg donated $350M to help local governments administer elections in 2020. That raised questions about whether a resulting grant program was helping Dems. A review shows that Dem jurisdictions got more $, but GOP jurisdictions got more grants.

@LeaderMcConnell  & I do not share the same definition of “hotbox.”

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Late night hosts are fearless independent comedic voices who don’t go easy on the most powerful forces in our society. *Unless those forces are also major advertisers like @Google , in which case the hosts will turn their shows into infomercials.

@DrOz  promoted chloroquine & hydroxychloroquine as Covid-19 treatment on @FoxNews  25+ times in March-April 2020. He stopped when a @DeptVetAffairs  study showed Covid patients treated with hydroxychloroquine were more likely to die than untreated patients

@RepMikeTurner , the new top GOPer on House Intel, asked by @TuckerCarlson  “Why would we take Ukraine’s side & not Russia’s side?” TURNER: “We’re for democracy. We’re for liberty. We’re not for authoritarian regimes coming in & changing borders by tanks”

If you were puzzled by the portrait of his mother that @ericadamsfornyc  held aloft while being sworn in as mayor, please read @S_Evangelina  on the enduring cultural significance of brandy snifter portraits in New York’s Black & immigrant communities.


This appears to be a video of @SpeakerPelosi  talking to donors at the @dccc  retreat this weekend in Napa.

At least four Republicans who sought to undercut or overturn the 2020 presidential election are launching campaigns to become the top election official in key states that could decide control of Congress in 2022 — & who wins the White House in 2024.

SCOOP: RUDY GIULIANI met Tuesday in Budapest with the fired Ukrainian prosecutor YURIY LUTSENKO, who pushed claims about the BIDENS, & Ukrainian involvement in '16. Giuliani is in Kyiv right now trying to meet with other fired prosecutors, SHOKIN & KULYK.

Unless JANET YELLEN receives a written waiver, she will be barred by her ethics agreement from participating in any matter involving CITADEL, which makes millions in fees from ROBINHOOD, until Oct. 2021 (or 1 year after her last paid speech to Citadel).

ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE ALLEGING MEDIA BIAS: PETER NAVARRO accuses @60Minutes  of a double-standard, & demands to see episodes it aired on the OBAMA & BUSH administrations' preparations for a pandemic. @60Minutes ' response: OK, roll the tapes.

NEW @nytimes  CORONAVIRUS INVESTIGATION reveals just how many warnings TRUMP shrugged off. EXAMPLE: In January, @SecAzar  twice warned of a coming pandemic, but @POTUS  said he was being alarmist & told him to calm down. AZAR's authority was soon reduced.

SCOOP: Gun silencer makers had pushed for years to lift a ban on foreign sales intended to protect US troops serving overseas. The ban got lifted quietly on Friday, thanks in part to a former silencer industry lobbyist who has been working as a WH lawyer.

Arlington County, Va., did not like its police being used to clear protestors for TRUMP’s photo op, & has apparently recalled them from Washington —>

Trying to decide the worst part of this excerpt from a March 6 interview with @KellyannePolls : Her false claim that coronavirus “is being contained.” —or— Her snarky question to the reporter “do you not think it’s being contained?”

SCOOP: The $500k that financed the deal between RUDY GIULIANI & LEV PARNAS’s company, FRAUD GUARANTEE, came from a Long Island lawyer named CHARLES GUCCIARDO, who accused @HillaryClinton  of “perpetrating a fraud on the American people” in 2016.