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Kent Somers

Columnist for The Arizona Republic/azcentral sports. Trying to maintain gap integrity. Tweet @ me and I might use it.

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Cardinals fans' relationship status with former coach Bruce Arians: It's complicated via @

Arizona Diamondbacks face dilemma if Curt Schilling makes Baseball Hall of Fame via @azcentral 

Most ASU fans are hoping he succeeds Edwards before he makes the leap to the NFL.

If you're having triple bypass surgery, might as well get some page views out of it via @

Wow no false start on that?

They could have called holding on KC tackles nearly every pass play this half.

I like Springsteen’s message but why was he driving an open Jeep in the dead of winter?

Pedro Gomez, 1962-2021. He made the world smaller, and that made it better via @azcentral 


Palmer said he cried like a baby last night. Hadn't cried since Chris Henry passed away.

Elderly man rolling a wheelchair at indy airport. Young man, a stranger, offers help and starts pushing him. Nice move by Jameis Winston

Arians on fantasy owners being upset that John Brown didn't play on Sunday: "Tough shit"

Fitzgerald upon hearing of JalenRamsey’s hand injury: “Jalen Ramsey with 1 hand is better than 95 % of the cornerbacks in the league.”

#azcardinals have reached agreement w/ SS Antoine Bethea on a 3-year deal, per source. Takes Jefferson’s spot.

Last week Kliff Kingsbury quietly donated $50,000 to the Navajo Relief Fund (NRF). The Navajo Nation has been hit hard by COVID-19. Anyone who wants to help can do so at

Bruce Arians on why #azcardinals  don't stretch before practice: "If a guy starts chasing you with a gun, you're not going to stretch."

NFL free agency is just one big yard sale. Your junk is someone else’s treasure.

This was not a penalty until Kingsbury and Murray signed NFL contracts.