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I might just get a phone case that reads "don't click on that tweet"

I'm very excited. The @MorningEdition  planning board has a story slugged GHOST DNA with virtually no other information.

Wait is this wilford? Why do I know this...

Politics twitter is hurting my brain.

Nothing like realizing you're communicating with someone over multiple platforms at the exact same time. By someone I mean @TonyRomm . It's always @TonyRomm 

No, YOU just noticed you were wearing baby spit up on your pants while sitting on the train home from work. Pshh.

Every woman in my twitter feed: uhhh nominating a woman is not going to fix sexism on the internet.


I didn't catch this before but the short-term spending bill (CR) includes a reauthorization/extension of the Violence Against Women Act per McConnell spox.

This portion of statement from Pelosi’s office is pretty stunning

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"That's a luxury we don't have" @JohnCornyn  when asked "don't some people want to know the plan before they vote" on health care.

Judiciary committee democrats all filing out of Schumer’s office. All stone faced.

Pelosi when asked if she is flexible on wall funding now that the shutdown appears to be over: "Have I not been clear on the wall? No, I've been very clear on the wall"

A codel (the name for a trip like this) to a conflict zone is typically not made public until the members arrive. They keep them under wraps for security reasons. Even if Pelosi still wanted to go, this may have been effectively blown by releasing the details now.

So its 6:21pm. Here's where we are: Senate Republicans say they want to vote on a $1.4 trillion tax bill tonight. We have not seen a final bill yet. Most members haven't seen a final bill. Debate keeps getting extended 30 min at a time while we wait.

This little tidbit is important-- because the senate controls the cameras. That's why we aren't seeing reaction shots or alternate views. The coverage rules implemented for the trial significantly limit what the public can see

The Trump-backed immigration bill failed 39-60. That's the lowest number of YES votes of any the four immigration bills, meaning it had the least support despite being the only one the president agreed to sign.