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I thought I just got a notification that Britney Spears was going live on Instagram. No notification has ever caused an adrenaline rush like that.

It was delicious! I added orange peppers and a ton of seasoning!

My favorite wrong number text during covid. Still considering responding.

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Writers: What’s the highest number of words you’ve ever written in a day of first draft writing? It was probably mania, I know you remember it.

That’s great!!! Hope we all get back to shooting soon ??‍♀️❤️

It was 62 first draft pages of book. One essay. I’ve never even come close again. Haha.

RHOBH: Forget the Denise/Brandi stuff. I’m still reeling over Sutton’s personal relationship with the Dolce and Gabanna store in Rome.

I live under one of the biggest trees in my neighborhood. We get predatory birds, and falcons are great, but their babies are v v loud. ((Please come back for more bird or dog-breed conversations! I don’t have the attention span to cook, so I can’t talk about cooking!))

I’m finally feeling better about things? This is new! #BidenHarris 


Wait, kids on TikTok reserved the empty seats at Trumps rally? The President was publicly trolled by our children. Have an extra drink tonight parents, you’ve done well.

Every night is different. Sometimes I’m up really late, sometimes I’m down kinda early. Some days I wake up feeling okay. Other days I wake up thinking this is the most fucked up thing that’s happened in my lifetime.

I’ve been talking with my girlfriends about how many times we felt like the police helped with our assaults and rapes and the number is still zero.

I wish exercise felt as good as alcohol.

Being a writer is like being a kid with an essay due on a Monday and it’s Sunday night forever.

Today is #BellLetsTalk   Day! For every retweet Bell will donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives. So feel free to hit that RT button and help raise some money for a very deserving cause. Xoxo

The Coronavirus is adding so much new stress to our lives. If you have an anxiety disorder, and are feeling overwhelmed, let people know. Let people help you. If you need someone to talk to, you can contact The National Alliance on Mental Illness by texting "NAMI" to 741741.

EARNEST POST: One thing I’ve learned over this covid period, is that a lot of the shit I thought mattered, doesn’t matter at all.

I’ve aged ten years in three days.