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@RaheemKassam  This doesn’t help you build up more outrage, sorry, but I also asked if Republicans had a point and if that would ever be a reason to send her to the border.

Harris invites all 24 female senators to dinner party via @politico 

NEW: Biden will revoke and replace Trump’s executive order that sought to ban TikTok.

"The report’s author was careful to warn it was not to be seen as a definitive account of the day, in part because so many other law enforcement agencies were involved." @anniekarni 

Truly some of the most amazing television I’ve ever seen

This week’s trip crystallized something crucial about Kamala Harris’s vice presidency: Whether she stays on message — as she did by telling migrants not to come — or goes off script, she will not be able to satisfy everyone. w / @anniekarni ⁩

Whenever coverage of her laughter comes up, as it did this week, Harris approaches allies with some version of the question: Should I never laugh? “Women, especially women in executive positions, get judged far more harshly. Of course she’s aware of that”


“My dying words will always be, as it has been, ‘I am an innocent man.'"

"President Trump was following my condition and cleared me for the monoclonal antibody therapy that he had previously received, which I am convinced saved my life.” Wonder how families of the 1,900 who died today feel when they see stuff like this.

This is a beautiful tribute, and puts depression in its proper context: People who battle it are strong.

Mitt Romney has had a wild 24 hours. Getting screamed at in an airport, sitting aboard a crowded plane as MAGA passengers chanted "traitor" at him, sheltering in the capitol, and then calling for elected leaders to tell the truth. Strength of character personified.

My parents have not met my baby, I haven’t been home in a year, and I just canceled our planned tiny Thanksgiving. Wear a fucking mask.

Small theme of this election is Trump appearing to pay the price for relentlessly insulting late political opponents who were beloved at home. Trump had been trashing John Lewis and Clayton County since January 2017. And then there’s McCain.

Lamar says it - “Whatever you think of his behavior, with the terrific economy, with conservative judges, with fewer regulations, you add in there an inappropriate call with the president of Ukraine, and you decide if your prefer him or Elizabeth Warren.”

It’s not every day you can say you got pranked by the First Lady of the United States. @Emilylgoodin , pooler extraordinaire

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To prepare for her appearance, Amanda Gorman, who has a speech impediment, read the poem aloud over and over, “practicing it and trying to let it be known in my mouth, but not feel robotic."