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Weinstein Appealed to Bezos and Bloomberg for Help, Documents Show

“There’s no reason to add any fuel to the fire during an outbreak when people are already on edge and inclined to blame the problem on other people.”

“crises are moments when presidents can rise above prior troubles or sink deeper into them,” @peterbakernyt ⁩ writes

Trump still messaging this as a problem lurking beyond US borders, not one growing within them.

Trump’s Coronavirus Speech Fails to Unify or Reassure a Nation on Edge @peterbakernyt 

Cotton: Senator, staunch hawk, favors increased surveillance on Americans, supports water boarding, Trump ally

Coronavirus autopsies: A story of 38 brains, 87 lungs and 42 hearts

“Because of fears that they might set off wildfires in the surrounding forest, there have been no fireworks at Mount Rushmore since 2009.” @anniekarni 


The agenda for world leaders visiting the Trump White House: A welcome ceremony, a meeting and an invitation to sit stone-faced for an indeterminate amount of time on live television as the president accuses people of treason, lies and corruption. By me!

Lamar says it - “Whatever you think of his behavior, with the terrific economy, with conservative judges, with fewer regulations, you add in there an inappropriate call with the president of Ukraine, and you decide if your prefer him or Elizabeth Warren.”

The president just deleted this tweet, presumably to not piss off entire state of Missouri

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@VP : "Today we will issue new guidance from the CDC that will make it clear that any American can be tested" for coronavirus "no restrictions, subject to doctor's orders." Says 2,500 kits will be out this week representing 1.5 million tests.

Asked by Jim Acosta why this briefing was not on camera or audio for Americans, @VP  says "I expect we'll be back on camera tomorrow."