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Katie Glueck

Politics reporter at @nytimes, covering 2020. KC native. Katie.glueck@nytimes.com

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the NRSC led a voter contact effort called “Operation Scorched Prairie” aimed at boosting Marshall, according to a person familiar with the effort, making 2.3 million unique voter contacts over text & calls in final 6 days of the race. (scorched prairie!)

.@BollierBarbara is the Dem nominee for Senate in Kansas. My interview from May with Bollier, who was recently a Republican herself and represents the moderate KC suburbs that have drifted away from the GOP in Trump era:

NEW: voters are rendering verdicts on fierce advocates for both parties’ bases today, in some of the last primary battles before November. Our latest on the races to watch tonight (and maybe longer than that), from KS to Michigan, with @AsteadWH 

One big verdict: Kobach loses, a major relief to party leaders in Kansas and Washington who had worried that he would uniquely jeopardize the seat in the general election. w/ @AsteadWH 

NEW:swag bags sent by mail;electrifying audiences without a crowd;promises of a taste of the trail for a largely virtual event -“conventions as we traditionally have known them are no more,” Terry McAuliffe says Same for the fall campaign. w/ @reidepstein 

Really interesting interview with @ewarren ⁩ conducted by @llerer ⁩ @jennymedina ⁩

NEW: plans for Biden's VP roll-out are underway...even if there is no candidate yet. As we enter the homestretch of VP search, important to remember that on issues big and small, Joe Biden is a man who cannot be rushed -- and this is a big one My memo:

Coons on where Biden is in the process: “He’s taking the time to make sure that he gets the inputs that he would value, both a chance to hear from people who know well&have worked closely w/the different candidates, but also time to talk to them directly”

Harry Reid: “My knowledge is, I think he knows within two or three people who he feels comfortable with. He’ll have to narrow it down to number one. He’s the only one who can do that.”


Beto was not kidding about taking Biden to Whataburger

New Biden statement: “The Trump Administration is currently responsible for one of the most significant failures of governance of any administration in modern history. It failed to heed warnings and adequately prepare our nation”

NEW: “the lying,the craziness, the bullying — I’m willing to pay more money in taxes just to be away from him.” On the center-right voters who went third party or wrote in in 2016, coming off the sidelines to vote for Biden>

Biden today, per pooler @JTHVerhovek  : " on the day I am officially elected, before I'm sworn in -- even though he'll probably contest we didn't win -- I'm going to immediately have to be on the phone with key European and Asian leaders to tell them America's back."

a doctor friend in Denver texts: "it's quickly going from quietly ominous to an actual mess in the hospital" with healthy young adults intubated for Covid

New:John Lewis endorses Biden. Asked whether Biden should pick a woman of color as VP. “Biden should look around..would be good to have a woman of color. It would be good to have a woman. It would be good to have a woman who looks like the rest of America