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My friend @mattbai ⁩ always has smart things to say. This column for The Washington Post is an example. Thoughts?

In the Season 2 premiere of #NextQuestion , I get to the bottom of the century-long battle over the #ERA . ERA Coalition CEO @CarolJenkins  tells us about the history of the amendment & playwright @hbrikin  shares why the ERA’s inclusion is so crucial

My new #podcast  episode is on the long battle over the #ERA . Listen now () check out this piece done by my friends at - it's excellent! (@RetroReporty '>Th @RetroReporty  do such great work!)

@JLo  is a serious “triple threat.” The singer, dancer & actress, born to Puerto Rican parents in the Bronx, has always made her roots essential to her success, spotlighting them in her work & reminding people to be proud of where they came from. #SeeHer 

Kamala Harris Is Said to Be Weighing an Endorsement of Joe Biden

#FlashbackFriday ... because I did it Tuesday #earlyadopter  ??

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Great news! H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient, a Milestone in the Global AIDS Epidemic

A big-no huuge-thank you to @tomdigiulio  who picked me up at an ungodly hour in #Boston  and took me to the airport. #thankstom  #sorrytom 

More Sunday reading from another person I deeply admire, @NickKristof ⁩ | What if It Were Obama on Trial? - The New York Times


This morning, after reading the totality of @realDonaldTrump  's speech in Phoenix, I am truly afraid for our country.

Pres. Trump likely lied to special counsel Mueller about conversations he had in 2016 regarding WikiLeaks’ plans to release info stolen from Democrats by Russian hackers. That’s the big takeaway from dramatic courtroom testimony that occurred Tuesday in the trial of #RogerStone .

Activist @deray  reacts to Rudy Giuliani's comments about #BlackLivesMatter  during our intv:

Here’s what told me about the possibility of Putin handing him over as a good will gesture to the Trump administration.

"We have a white supremacist in the White House and he poses a mortal threat to humanity." - Beto O'Rourke #DemDebate 

13 years ago today, I became the first woman to solo anchor the evening news. It's a day I will never forget, and even though we still have a ways to go, I'm so proud of all we accomplished and the progress that has been made since.

20 years ago, two teenagers opened fire at #Columbine  High School, killing 12 of their classmates and a teacher in one of America’s deadliest school shootings. The next day, I sat down with Craig Scott, 16, who lost his sister Rachel, and Michael Shoels, who lost his son Isaiah.

Overheard: One guy saying "this makes me feel like going home and putting my robe on." And I don't think he's a judge. #Charlottesville 

8:46 AM - the exact time that the first tower was hit. 2,977 people killed, more than 6,000 people injured. Countless families ripped apart, too many broken hearts to imagine. A country forever changed. Remembering those we lost on 9/11. I will always remember. #neverforget