President Trump

“You might have one grandstander,” President Trump said at his news conference today. He added: “It will pass. It will just take a little longer.”

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President Trump

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This is a great project by @ayeletw  and others to simultaneously keep East Bay restaurants alive and support the ER and ICU workers who're doing so much to help so many right now. If you're in the area, consider donating, if you can.

The so-called “Ebola Jet” — specialized plane made for carrying highly contagious patients — is inbound to Dulles from Gander. It was in Spain, Greece, Uganda and Ireland.

Biden this morning suggested that the Democratic convention should be virtual because of public health concerns. Here's Trump yesterday on the GOP convention: "We have no contingency plan. We're having the convention at the end of August."

How is this not impeachable, or even criminal? How?

There are thousands of cases that keep rising by the day.


"This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment and our 9/11 moment only it’s not going to be localized, it’s going to be happening all over the country," Surgeon General Jerome Adams said.

There is potential for a landslide @JoeBiden  victory in Wisconsin, and that should worry @realDonaldTrump . Biden's support in the state has quadrupled since February.

2/ Asking Gov Edwards about the disconnect between his suggesting no one had warned them and Gob Hogan saying governors were warned on Feb 9 seems to me exactly the kind of question journalists need to be asking.

Experts race to set rules for deciding who lives and who dies