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Legal journalist at @eNCA in Johannesburg. Optimist.

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@AdvDali_Mpofu . and Adv Tembeka Ngcukaitobi arriving in Zimbabwe for MDC Alliance presidential election results challenge.
Gupta lawyers use this August 7 letter to argue that the NPA doesn’t appear to know how the accused in the #Estina case were actually involved in the Gupta companies - after charging them because of their alleged involvement in specific companies.
BREAKING: @AdvDali_Mpofu and Tembeka Ngcukaitobi have flown to Zimbabwe to represent MDC Alliance in its legal challenge to Zimbabwe presidential election results. The case will be heard on Wednesday.
NPA will apply for postponement of #EstinaDairyFarmProject “scam” case against Gupta nephew Varun and associates and FS govt officials - after the case was postponed for half a year.
State still not ready for trial.
Gupta lawyers will oppose this.
They want this case thrown out
Well done @tauriqmoosa and Aran Brouwer for successfully convicting a (fake) multiple murderer in their first ever mock trial at Stellenbosch University. The NPA needs to take note of this potential!
“Being a singer is a natural gift.
It means I'm using to the highest degree possible the gift that God gave me to use.
I'm happy with that.” Aretha Franklin

Rest In Peace. ❤️
“It is correct that the Presidency has not yet requested a refund of any of the funding provided to Mr Zuma‚” Lubisi said. “We await the outcome of this litigation before we do so.”

Fmr President Zuma’s lawyer says stopping state funding of his corruption trial defense would violate Zuma’s constitution rights - and his “right to a fair trial” —>
@anelemkumla Zuma’s new legal team say they won’t challenge Abrahams decision to pursue the case and will instead seek permanent stay of prosecution.
Whatever they do, CC says invalidity of SA appointment can’t be only basis for legal challenges to his actions, decisions.
Fmr Public Protector @ThuliMadonsela3 again makes it clear that she does not want to be appointed as NDPP, as she does not believe she is the right person for the position.

(Am I the only one who finds it sad we have such a limited pool of people we want to see in leadership?)
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