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Our country is a patient whose body is riddled with multiple corruption cancers

But it seems like a LOT of time is spent fighting about which cancer is worse,
Not trying to understand why we keep getting so sick, or seeking treatment

We are dying.

Are we afraid to admit that?
Special Investigating Unit Act was only amended in 2012
- to allow for SIU to sue for recovery of state money spent on dodgy tenders.

SIU Report re Bosasa, DCS finalised in 2009.
So SIU doesn’t have power to sue Bosasa for recovery of R1,5bn spent on allegedly corrupt tenders
It’s becoming apparent that Special Investigating Unit needs to be empowered to pursue criminal prosecutions; and not rely on the NPA to act on forensic reports.
SIU last year said it had referred “many cases” (reportedly as many as 463) to NPA. Not a single one prosecuted
In 2012, then DCS Commissioner Tom Moyane extended a 3-year R720million Bosasa contract for prison food by another year - at a cost of R460 million.
This happened despite original contract being identified as suspect by SIU and Minister stating it must end, after audit
Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change this afternoon “calls upon the international community, in particular SADC, to intervene immediately to stop errant leaders from committing crimes against humanity, through military on unarmed civilians.”
Read full statement here:
@ZikhonaTshona You’re talented, smart and kind, but your compassion is what I love about you the most. You’ve won awards because of that compassion, which you use so brilliantly as a story teller.
I hope you find a career path where these abilities are rewarded. It’s what you deserve.
Fmr Minister Gigaba tried to challenge PP report he violated the Constitution by lying under oath in the Constitutional Court - but his application for direct access was dismissed.
He resigned days later.
He could still have challenged report in High Court, but didn’t.
“The Public Protector has not received any court papers from the two former ministers relating to their public announcements that they will take her reports on judicial review.”
PP office on Gigaba, Mbalula
.@PublicProtector’s Office confirms Fmr Minister Gigaba has not sought to challenge her findings that he lied under oath in court

Neither has Fmr Minister Mbalula sought to challenge her findings that Sedgars paid for his family’s Dubai trip
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