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Legal journalist at @eNCA in Johannesburg. Optimist.

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DA’s James Selfe accuses De Lille of trying to force the party to remain in a relationship that has “irretrievably broken down” - and outlines why her statement about intending to resign from the party must result in the termination of her membership:https://t.co/jKLLg3txZt
And our sisters.
And our daughters.
And our friends.
De Lille wants DA to be ordered to pay a punishing legal costs order..,so as to “send a strong message” to “other political parties…not to abuse the law and the courts to fight their political battles”.
She says it has lied to SA, and the Court —>
DCJ Zondo to update SA on the progress with the #StateCapture inquiry this Thursday —->
Talking to @bonglez about how @EFFSouthAfrica may have put the brakes on fmr President Zumba’s State-funded Stalingrad campaign to avoid prosecution - on @SABCNewsOnline at 8pm.
Tom Moyane's lawyer letter to fmr Concourt Justice Kate O'Regan, in which he takes issue with her position as a Corruption Watch board member.
"..to put it bluntly, given the obvious and palpable perception of bias and conflict of interest on your part..."
BREAKING: Suspended SARS Commissioner wants fmr Concourt justice Kate O'Regan to step down from deciding the misconduct case against him - on the basis that she is "biased and unobjective"

.@Julius_S_Malema on why the State cannot continue to fund fmr President Zuma's legal fees: doing so violates the principality of equality before the law.
About to speak to Karima Brown about the legal and political genius of the @EFFSouthAfrica in this case.
SAFTU in turn claims its "leaders were forcefully evicted from the Labour Portfolio Committee meeting".
"Although our demonstration was peaceful we were met with a forceful security who had no regard for our rights to peaceful demonstration. They proceed to forcefully remove us"
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