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Friends don’t let friends get substandard lobola offers....

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The church where the alleged #eNgcobo gang shoot out happened was investigated two years ago for “cultish practices” - with 18 children being removed by authorities.

Hawks, cops in gun battle - outside a church - with alleged gang suspected of murdering the #eNgcobo police officers.
Seven suspects dead, more than ten arrested, multiple guns recovered.
But unknown number of suspects escaped, still on the run.
Lawyers for #ShaunAbrahams and NPA tackling the "Shaun the Sheep" jibes that have come to define media and public discourse about him:
A reasonable person, they say, won't "conclude that Adv Abrahams was appointed to do the President's bidding".
#ShaunAbrahams maintains he had no power to act against disgraced fmr prosecuting boss #NomgcoboJiba - and argues only fmr President Zuma had power to act against her.
NPA and Abrahams arguing that his removal would be an arbitrary displacement "an innocent individual".
NDPP Abrahams argues there is no evidence that he was appointed by fmr President Zuma to shield him from prosecution.
No reasonable person would believe his appointment compromised NPA independence, he says.
#ShaunAbrahams argues that it would not be "just and equitable " for him to be removed from his post.
Here is a summary of why he says so:
BREAKING #ShaunAbrahams: arguing that the "recent ascendancy " #CyrilRamaphosaof to the Presidency "removes whatever justification there might have been " for his removal.
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