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#CherylZondi could have chosen to remain anonymous - and to ask that her name not be used and her evidence not broadcast.
Survivors of sexual violence are typically never identified, because of the further victimization they face.

Her bravery is truly awe-inspiring.
@TheMikeAppel @Slindelo_M Tuna is still okay. @NickolausBauer
’s weird sardines, pilchards etc....
Thulasizwe an @XoliMngambid have suffered much with the Bauer fish snacks.
Asked by Clement Manyathela if his brother will repay R16million he received from Vele Investments - if it’s found to be unlawful payment from VBS - @FloydShivambu says he understands Brian to be saying he will comply with law enforcement.
That means repaying if ordered to do so
@FloydShivambu . says he had nothing to disclose to Parliament re his brother’s link to Vele Investments (VBS majority shareholder) because (he seems to be suggesting) he only recently became aware of Brian providing them with non banking advisory services.
“nothing to disclose”
@Julius_S_Malema . says Brian Shivambu designed the merchandise of the EFF Student Command. His primary involvement with the party was as an entrepreneur.
He has since left the EFF and is no longer with the organization.
@CoruscaKhaya Oh friend. I am so so sorry.
The devastation of a person being in so much pain, so overwhelmed and exhausted that they don’t believe that they can be in the world any more...that heartbreak is way too much for the heart to take.
Please look after yourself.
Amazing conversation with @SizweMpofuWalsh and @ermbates about #StateCaptureInquiry, VBS and Steinhoff on @Radio702
@AmandaSevasti Dude! @FNBSA upgraded me to a super expensive account without even asking my permission. I have been trying to get answers from them FOR MONTHS and they don’t respond to emails. Still deducting R470 a month for banking fees! It is insane. Going to move t @CapitecBankSAo
Floyd Shivambu has refused to comment on his brother’s alleged involvement in looting of VBS Bank.
His only comment:
“The EFF issued a statement.
Please refer to that.”
EFF silent on if it knew about this Shivambu link when it attacked SARB over VBS:
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