Karl Vick

Karl Vick

at TIME magazine in NYC, after 4 years in Jerusalem bureau, and 16 at the Washington Post in Rockville, Nairobi, Istanbul, Baghdad and Los Angeles.

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The new issue ... online and quite something.

So much in .... The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism

"Zimbabwe will send biometric data on millions of its people to China to help train CloudWalk’s artificial intelligence (AI) programs to recognize faces with darker skin tones."

"In January 2018, African Union security staff reported that their computer systems had been sending confidential data back to Shanghai every day for five years. China had spent $200 million constructing the AU’s new headquarters in Addis Ababa, including its computer network."

No. 1 around the world is kindness. After that, men look for physical attractiveness and women for financial prospects.

In 1995, you could order bubonic plague in the mail.

The most respected Palestinian poll finds “while support for two-state solution declines, support for armed attacks rises and an overwhelming majority rejects the US “deal of the century”


Univision reports: A man claiming to be OmarMateen’s lover says Mateen specifically targeted gay Latinos

This deserves wide readership, especially final paragraphs: Bannon nudging historian toward predicting a world war

Bannon embraces theory U.S. is due for a transformative crisis, "did not seem at all fazed" by prospect of huge war

Trump says Puerto Rico hasn't suffered 'a real catastrophe' like Katrina. These photos show otherwise

Why Turkey's prime minister was an awkward fit at the Paris march via @TIMEWorld 

Israel asks Hamas for calm in Gaza after killing of kidnapped Palestinian teen via @TIMEWorld 

"The study’s death estimates include nearly 7,000 U.S. servicemembers, nearly 8,000 U.S. contractors, more than 100,0000 military and police members from other countries, more than 244,000 civilians and more than 100,000 opposition fighters."