Karl Vick

Karl Vick

at TIME magazine in NYC, after 4 years in Jerusalem bureau, and 16 at the Washington Post in Rockville, Nairobi, Istanbul, Baghdad and Los Angeles.

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If the case of George Floyd truly did produce a resolve to address systemic racism in America, the starting point should be the system that produced his excruciating death. w @JosiahBates  in the new @TIME 

1/5 The Minneapolis to reimagine public safety is not about "defunding the police." The actual intention is entirely different -- yet impossible to articulate, because it exists, for now, in another world, one where Black lives matter. w @JosiahBates 

"Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had Facebook." Watch TIME's new documentary on the role of social media in racial justice protests

the aspirational aspect of the urban slum, cont.

'Latinx' is gaining popularity. But new research says only 3% of U.S. Hispanics use the gender-neutral term

Always read @mollyesque ⁩ and @CharlotteAlter ⁩, the smart friends who explain things in the smoothest, most honest way. “When Harris was running for re-election as Calif. A.G., both Trump and his daughter Ivanka contributed to her campaign.”

'It Smells Like Despair.' A Diary of Life Inside Beirut After a Deadly Explosion

'It's The Hunger Games for laboratories.' Behind the long waits for COVID-19 test results

Uncommonly intelligent and felt video exploring the notion of re-imagining public safety. Doesn't explain the mechanics (which must be carefully worked out) but captures the sentiment.

Biden signs were scarce as hen's teeth in the parts of rural Wisconsin I passed through earlier this month. Trump signs all over. Echo of 2016.


Univision reports: A man claiming to be OmarMateen’s lover says Mateen specifically targeted gay Latinos

The Dalai Lama was good enough to write for @TIME . (An easy edit.) His message: Thoughts, Not Prayers

This deserves wide readership, especially final paragraphs: Bannon nudging historian toward predicting a world war

The police are broken. What to do instead? Build a public safety system around care, making use of the strategies the Black community had to produced out of a fear of calling the cops. Mpls is trying. Story with @JosiahBates ⁩ in new @TIME 

So popular was he with the Iranian public that Soleimani was envisioned as a figure who might provide much-needed public faith in the regime after the eventual passing of the Supreme Leader, now 80

@ZekeJMiller  NYT: “We could increase production fivefold in a 90- to 120-day period,” Chris Kiple of Ventec Life Systems, a Washington State firm that makes ventilators told Forbes last week. Kiple estimated that current worldwide production capacity for ventilators is about 40,000 a year.

Bannon embraces theory U.S. is due for a transformative crisis, "did not seem at all fazed" by prospect of huge war

Trump says Puerto Rico hasn't suffered 'a real catastrophe' like Katrina. These photos show otherwise