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Latest Scoops

Researchers swim with what could be largest great white shark ever recorded https://t.co/ZiiIGvGGGs
'Digital medicine' used for cancer patients in Minnesota for first time ever https://t.co/aZd8ALXEan
17-year-old from New Jersey wins at Australian Open https://t.co/bcgFRuJFCC
McNiff's Riffs: Broncos insider dishes on Vikes, Kubiak and Keenum https://t.co/UJ5z7DmD81
Metro Transit tests two options for new light-rail seats https://t.co/eC5Q5rP3sv
A Florida mother's search for her missing son likely saved another boy being used by sex traffickers.
UPDATE: Some schools in southwest MN are closing early today. Check KARE 11's website for more information: https://t.co/ivzXuAD5FJ
Black-ish shines light on colorism https://t.co/wVGZ1pV4ui
Resident suffers minor smoke inhalation as home is destroyed by fire in south Minneapolis.
I-94 project near cabin country will last 3 years https://t.co/oW6gqzMJDW
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