? Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment. But the Ukraine allegations are over the top.

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Trump just canceled his Election Day party at his hotel. One last chance to grift.

the people who are actually suffering "economic anxiety" tend to back Biden

This is not the way President @realDonaldTrump  wanted the markets to wrap up this final week before the election. The DOW JONES Industrial Average dropped 1,833 points - the worst week on Wall Street since March.

Forecasts from Goldman Sachs and Moody that a Biden presidency could be better for growth have provided ‘cover’ to those executives who were looking for an economic excuse to break with Trump

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A look at the 2008 and 2016 U.S. #elections  suggests that a sweep by either Democrats or Republicans could push stocks and bond yields higher in 2021.

Pres Trump speaks to a huge rally in Green Bay right now. Check out the amazing income gains for that area... #ChalkTalk 

9 million cases of coronavirus in the United States— and President Trump’s only health care plan is to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act— including protections for pre-existing conditions— like COVID.

Why did Team Biden help bail out a criminal charged with attempted murder of cops in Minnesota? Perhaps he can answer that question directly to some police when he visits MN today...