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Tonight I will only give you flowers and baby, baby and flowers. Trust me on this.

Also a poem: Ross Gay, Sorrow Is Not My Name” No matter the pull toward brink. No matter the florid, deep sleep awaits. There is a time for everything. Look, just this morning a vulture nodded his red, grizzled head at me, and I looked at him, admiring the sickle of his beak. 1/4

Then the wind kicked up, and, after arranging that good suit of feathers he up and took off. Just like that. And to boot, there are, on this planet alone, something like 2 million naturally occurring sweet things, some with names so generous as to kick the steel from my knees 2/4

agave, persimmon, stick ball, the purple okra I bought for two bucks at the market. Think of that. The long night, the skeleton in the mirror, the man behind me on the bus taking notes, yeah, yeah. 3/4

But look; my niece is running through a field calling my name. My neighbor sings like an angel and at the end of my block is a basketball court. I remember. My color's green. I'm spring. 4/4

“The failure has echoes of the period leading up to 9/11: Warnings were sounded, including at the highest levels of government, but the president was deaf to them until the enemy had already struck.”

Since there is no media police force and it is weirdly compelling, while this makes all fair points, I suspect the journali is gonna let the Cuomi off the hook: The Cuomo brothers put on quite a show. Should the journalism-ethics police shut it down?

A glamorous and fascinating life and totally preventable death via @NYTimes 

Oh I tweeted it already and sent it to her


Fox failed my mother and countless others of its fans. While we can joke all we want about the “Fair and Balanced” motto, it’s a very low bar to simply give your audience decent health information. Opinion | Fox’s Fake News Contagion @nytopinion ⁩

“Without antagonizing Trump” is literally the most appalling reason not to tell the truth and not to act. What a banana republic we have become.

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Read to the end and your heart will be broken and your mind furious that anyone ever called this a hoax via @NYTimes 

Today in Fox News disinformation impact, my over-80 mom told me that testing was going well and “everyone is getting tested.” Had to send her this: How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S. (via POLITICO for iOS)

Pro tip: Kissing up to your boss on Twitter is super lame

And to all you aggrieved folks who thought this Gillette ad was too much bad-men-shaming, after we just saw it come to life with those awful kids and their fetid smirking harassing that elderly man on the Mall: Go fuck yourselves.

Dear , Stop teaching my boys that their path to decency lies not in coding but in denigrating women. Thx in advance, A mom

He should be on the task force: Bill Gates: Here’s how to make up for lost time on covid-19

If you had to pick one person who has been the largest menace in the modern world, spreading hate and disinformation that has disastrous results everywhere he goes, Rupert Murdoch or, as I like to call him, Uncle Satan, would top the list: via @nytimes