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Complex piece by @Olivianuzzi ⁩ that will make you gag at the gall of the GOP: An Anonymous Republican on Power vs. Contempt for Trump

PHOTOS: 200,000 White Flags Represent the Staggering Loss of Covid-19 | Washingtonian (DC)

This is a must read: How headstones from a historic Black DC cemetery wound up along the Potomac River in Virginia - The Washington Post

Great writing: “It’s more truthful to say I’m part of a system that enables political leaders to have it both ways, to indulge in ugliness and irresponsibility and to distance themselves from their own actions. The press provides the alibi as it prosecutes the case.”

And: “He exists now in a zombielike state somewhere between commitment and defection, his outward-facing self spiritually dead but his new identity not yet fully born. Or, put another way, he lives what you could call a lie.”

From @DavidCornDC ⁩: Can a Democracy on the Brink of Authoritarianism Recover? – Mother Jones

Um: Zack & Kelly are back in 'Saved By The Bell' reboot trailer

Kudos on the great review @sarahcpr ⁩ and what did I say? DISTURBING and Funny! “Everything’s Fine” often feels like an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” but at its best, it coheres in stranger, more nightmarish territory.”


“Without antagonizing Trump” is literally the most appalling reason not to tell the truth and not to act. What a banana republic we have become.

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Fox failed my mother and countless others of its fans. While we can joke all we want about the “Fair and Balanced” motto, it’s a very low bar to simply give your audience decent health information. Opinion | Fox’s Fake News Contagion @nytopinion ⁩

Here’s an idea: Why don’t @JoeBiden , along with @BarackObama  and @GeorgeHWBush  and @BillClinton  and @CarterLibrary  address to the nation together?

This is all we need to know about Donald J. Trump: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by."

I’m not sure how many times me and people like @rashadrobinson  & @tristanharris  & @nicolewong  can keep repeating: This is not a bug, it is a FEATURE. FB was built to do precisely what it is doing, which is to turn far too much engagement into enragement.

My latest on trump stain on twitter but pls click through to read the full letter by the widower of the woman whose tragic death 20 years ago the president is cruelly and inexplicably using for political gain via @nytopinion 

He STRONGLY disagrees. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Susan Collins of the Internet