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BREAKING: The pound is continuing to crater against the US dollar. Now at 1.07. The market clearly believes Truss/Kwarteng have taken a ridiculously reckless gamble on Britain’s economy that is doomed to fail. Very worrying.

Brian, our conversation was one of my favorite podcast “moments“ that I’ve had! I enjoyed ya…I did! 💕💕💕

Have a Sweet New Year with your Apple dipped in Honey. ❤️

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Meghan 'thought she would be the Beyoncé of the UK when she married Harry'

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Legal battle on Rwanda flights for migrants could drag on for up to a YEAR

Don't mess with Carolyn Britton's grandson. 😡 #TheBlackHamptons 

ANDREW PIERCE: Labour warned to steer clear of beheading jokes

KY restaurant created by KFC founder Harland Sanders for his wife in 1959 is struggling to sell

Texas girl, 12, shoots father, 38, in abdomen then herself in the head in 'murder pact with friend'