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http://t.co/w1bDE5IP7b Found on Fahlo: #TBT Who remembers the title of this video? http://t.co/5W6Mc4Pmz9
http://t.co/w1bDE5IP7b Found on Fahlo: #TBT Who remembers the title of this video? http://t.co/5W6Mc4Pmz9


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so many hidden messages, details, clues, and meanings in this new ballad in the video for “Better Than Me”. so excited.
Watch this resurfaced video of Raekwon performing his "C.R.E.A.M." verse over the "Shook Ones (Pt. II)" beat in 2011.

Someone made a full mash-up of the classic tracks too: https://t.co/zExQ9Bxqoo
"Fabulous Finn saved my life"
When PC Dave Wardell found himself in a tricky situation with a knife attacker, this brave german shepherd jumped in to shield him, sustaining serious injuries in the process. Hear how they helped each other recover...
🎉⚡🎵 | This pop newcomer is doused in confetti and neon in his new video at the local skating rink... https://t.co/WI9g1wOVT7
‘The Whole World Should Be Concerned’: U.S. Allies React to Bolton’s Appointment (here's a hint: people don't give a shit about anything,that's how we found ourselves in this position) https://t.co/86p8wcfN1g i hope you see how dangerous a guy like @rupertmurdoch is #FASCISM
Cannot believe i had to re render this video D:
It was ready for your faces n everything!
Who's stoked to see the new PC!
the final song on this half of the album. the most emotional. the most real. the ballad. listen to a clip of “Better Than Me” here. video coming soon. Bohnes “206-Act I”. March 30th 2018.
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had such a wonderful birthday. thank you for all the kind messages, & so much love to all my friends who went out of their way to make the day special. let’s do this, last year of my twenties!!
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