Justin Fenton

“Today is not the day you gonna fuck the city up. If y’all don’t live here get the fuck out”

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Michael Lofthouse, CEO of Solid8, LLC, a San Francisco cloud computing services company founded in 2017, can be heard shouting to an Asian family, “You f------ need to leave! You f------ Asian piece of s---!”

JUST IN: Gold price hits $1800 for first time in nine years

@clairecmc  says President Trump "believes that he knows best. He believes he became president because he understands politics and this electorate better than anyone else, and no one is gonna convince him otherwise." "He's wrong."

"The glove or mask that you take off and casually disregard... could easily be the glove or mask that kills a whale" As the world battles coronavirus, more and more protective equipment is ending up in the sea

Matt Hancock confirms NHS track-and-trace app will be adapted to identify staff who haven’t paid for hospital parking.

PM kept saying no one knew about asymptomatic transmission of corona virus.. but govt scientists were looking at it as earlier as January....

Tom Hanks has ‘no respect’ for people who don’t wear masks

IN A TIGHT SPOT: A fawn found itself stuck in a window well on July 3. A West Seneca New York Police Officer put on a pair of kevlar animal handling gloves and spent about 30 minutes trying to rescue the fawn. He finally managed to help the animal leap out of the well.

Across 4 hours of interviews, Kanye West says he’s never voted, has recovered from Covid but doubts vaccines and envisions running a presidency modeled on Wakanda in 'Black Panther' by @RandallLane 

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The United States and China are the World Health Organisation's two biggest deadbeats.

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