Julian E. Barnes

Julian E. Barnes

Reporter with the @nytimes Washington bureau covering intelligence and national security. Ex-@wsj in DC & Brussels.

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Cotton is asking about Morgan Muir no longer breifing Biden.

Burns on ongoing Russia intelligence assessment: it "will not only provide the best intelligence that we're capable live on exactly what happened in those instances, but also a sense of the consequences for them as well"

American advantage over authoritarian governments include American allies, which sets the US "apart from lonelier powers like China and Russia " #lonelierpowers 

Burns: "The evolution of Xi Jinping is trying over the last six or seven years has been a very sharp wake up call" He adds China's "aggressive undisguised ambition and assertiveness" has made clear the nature of Chinese capabilities and intentions.

If a senator makes clear they are going to ask a number pointed questions, the best responses are quick.

In new Senate docs, Burns discloses he recieved a gift of a Super Bowl trip paid for by Saudi ambassador. Docs have no date, but trip occured in Feb 2018, before murder of Khashoggi deepened questions about the Saudi government. Update:

In the good years I spent driving back and forth along I-630, the Wilber Mills freeway, I would sometimes wonder what Fanne Foxe was thinking when she dove into the Tidal Basin.

NSA Jake Sullivan: “My basic marching orders to Bill will be: Give it to us straight. Give us your best judgment on Beijing’s intentions, its capabilities.”


How Russia amplified a misleading story about the Portland protests and how it spread in American media. @AllMattNYT  and I take a dive into the world of disinfo.

More on Ellis at NSA. Trump met with Pentagon Acting chief Miller on Friday, ahead of order to install him by Saturday. W @EricSchmittNYT  & @nytmike 

NEW: The Baghdadi might have been like a movie, but Trump watched overhead drone video, not body cam footage--so he didn't see anyone whimper or cry. @helenecooper  @Tmgneff 

Print edition of @nytimes  dramatically breaks the wall for heartbreaking graphic.

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NEW: CIA's counterintel chief sends a warning to retired officers: be careful working for foreign governments and making comments on tv, panels and podcasts. With @maggieNYT 

NEW: An additional group of C.I.A. officers have reported incidents similar to the mysterious Havana Syndrome attacks in Cuba including a reported attack in Moscow on @Mpolymer  in December 2017. New report by @AnaSwanson , @ewong  & me.

Scoop: Chinese hackers seeking coronavirus vaccine research conducted reconnaissance on UNC. A look at the spy games around Covid research

NEW: DOJ-Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia inquiry includes a look at media leaks. One focus: a 2017 Washington Post column on Mike Flynn's conversations with the Russian ambassador. @adamgoldmanNYT  @ktbenner