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BBC reporter/producer. Reported in #Gaza #Lebanon and #Indonesia. Both Scottish and Indonesian therefore often confused. Got a story? julia.macfarlane@bbc.co.uk

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The first few months of 2019 will be critical for May and Macron. Tasked with delivering Brexit, will May last until Article 50? And will Macron survive the riots, plunging polls and a deficit projected to bust EU limits when it is assessed in the Spring: https://t.co/R541l8qNgM
We go live to Labour HQ
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People are arguing about Israel and Palestine in the livestream comments on the Commons urgent questions about last week’s European Council
Flynn’s business partner charged with illegal lobbying for Turkey. Charges: acting as an agent of a foreign government and conspiracy to try and get cleric Fethullah Gulen extradited back to Turkey https://t.co/taDE5ZdvyB
How to hijack a democracy - a textbook operation. Congress hears that the Russian campaign reached 126 million people on Facebook and 20 million more on Instagram. https://t.co/UhH7lT0GWG
They’re not on strike today. Just incompetent
No trains leaving Waterloo because there are no crews and no drivers to drive the trains. Next year rail fees will go up yet again.

What a fitting metaphor for the state of this ridiculous country
Related: does anyone on God’s good earth know how/where I can get a copy of The Seven Sisters by Anthony Sampson? It’s out of print, no one stocks it, no Amazon don’t do it (used from £50+ bugger off)
One day, one day I will go to @WaterstonesPicc, not find the book I’m looking for, and leave with no extra books that I did not come in to buy.

But it is not this day
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