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The 35-year-old actress will be arraigned Friday afternoon https://t.co/DOlEVwIdNq
Getting from one side to the country to the other on Friday night during rush hour isn’t the way you would want to spend a Friday night. Sunshine and Michael Buble definitely helped.
.@billieeilish & @thegreatkhalid bless New Music Friday with a lovely new collaboration: https://t.co/WeFxACafHX
Friday 27 April 8:00 Pm KSA Live Q&A Session on #Twitter#AskAssi #AssiHallani @TwitterMENA
Aloha Friday again. All aboarddddddddd for sugary cocktails and sugary hangovers! https://t.co/4g57gE2cbi
It's Friday and it's also 4/20. Here are 13 cannabis-infused products to help you celebrate the day responsibly
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Happy #Friday & congrats to the participants of the #14Day #Vegan #RawVeganhttps://t.co/UWbDhbgwek
JUST IN: Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ Avicii has died Friday, his publicist confirmed to CNN. He was 28. https://t.co/GUO3UVzb4Q
It’s Friday night, and you only have 5 minutes to get ready??? Tre Major and I have you COVERED. Check the link for a super fly look you can complete in the time it took me to write this tweet - Let  #TheGloUp begin! Xoxoxo GloZell https://t.co/Nv02xXeaFJ
Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman Friday. https://t.co/pK4EnDvYOo
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