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Jennifer Pagliaro

City hall reporter for the Toronto Star (Mail to: 1 Yonge St., 5th Floor, Toronto ON M5E 1E6)

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Deleting my tweet to CP24 story. See @dmrider  tweets.

From @dmrider  on today's showdown at an Etobicoke BBQ restaurant as city continues to struggle to enforce the rules

Police updating reporters now on Adamson situation. I'm watching on CP24. Last night, de Villa gave police powers under Health Protection and Promotion Act to seize the property and they changed locks

Police say Skelly given access to rear area of restaurant in "good faith" but allegedly broke through drywall into restaurant and then broke through locks put in place. Skelly charged with attempt to obstruct police, mischief under, failure to comply with Reopening Act

Police have now taken control of the entire restaurant, police say. Skelly also fails charge of failing to leave when directed under Trespass Act

City spokesperson Brad Ross is now speaking. He says lock will be changed on back door, lock broken earlier today will be repaired. Will be boarding up restaurant

A huge congrats to @DesmondCole  for winning Toronto Book Awards with his incredible book. Cole used speech to share disappointment with decisions library has made that harmed trans, queer folks and to push city to do better to help those experiencing homelessness

Cole said money from award - presented by city and TPL - will go to a fund in Toronto for Black trans women & girls and the Encampment Support Network

I keep thinking about how absolutely deplorable this country's retelling of its own history has been and how racist systems have left us with so many gaps that perpetuate this white supremacy. Books like Desmond's should be mandatory (re-)education. Highly recommend.


BREAKING Matlow's motion asking the Toronto _olice to bring forward a 2021 budget request with at least a 10 per cent cut, and for it to be spent on community supports instead, fails. Vote is 8-16:

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BREAKING: Councillor Rob Ford, Toronto's most famous mayor, has died. He was 46.

I’m on the roof of city hall and something is happening. People are running including what looks to be cops and security

This is not true. The legislation just introduced by Ford’s government specifically includes a way to bypass environmental protections to allow development in the Greenbelt. If his government doesn’t plan to sign off on Greenbelt development, why design a legal path to do so?

After 7 people died, 2,000+ got sick in Walkerton, the province created the Clean Water Act. Nearly 19 years later, new rules would circumvent those protections. A Walkerton resident & environmental advocates say it would be a massive setback:

Ford talking about his time as a city councillor and how dysfunctional council was. Ford consistently had one of the worst attendance records. In 2014, he missed half of the votes taken:

This is a big deal. Ford government proposes changes to allow municipalities to encourage major business investments in their cities by allowing them to bypass major environmental protections advocates have fought decades for. Big h/t