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Jennifer Pagliaro

City hall reporter for the Toronto Star (Mail to: 1 Yonge St., 5th Floor, Toronto ON M5E 1E6)

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BREAKING: TTC fares proposed to increase by 10 cents as of March 2020 in new budget proposal just released. Still has to go through budget process. I’ll have more soon

The budget is dropping just after 4PM on a Friday, so that's not great in terms of giving reporters a fair shot at reporting it out before the board meets on Monday. But I will do my best!

Updated story on fare impact for students and seniors as service planned fails to keep up with population growth

One thing to note. In his statement, Tory started by focusing on fare evasion, hiring of 50 new TTC enforcement officers. TTC's 2020 budget docs say they expect to net $7M from such efforts - a very, very small fraction of what the TTC earns/spends each year.


"I can't stand that little bitch," Doug Ford said about me as he left CTV studios. I did not hear it. Multiple photographers heard it.

I’m on the roof of city hall and something is happening. People are running including what looks to be cops and security

This is not true. The legislation just introduced by Ford’s government specifically includes a way to bypass environmental protections to allow development in the Greenbelt. If his government doesn’t plan to sign off on Greenbelt development, why design a legal path to do so?

After 7 people died, 2,000+ got sick in Walkerton, the province created the Clean Water Act. Nearly 19 years later, new rules would circumvent those protections. A Walkerton resident & environmental advocates say it would be a massive setback:

Ford talking about his time as a city councillor and how dysfunctional council was. Ford consistently had one of the worst attendance records. In 2014, he missed half of the votes taken:

This is a big deal. Ford government proposes changes to allow municipalities to encourage major business investments in their cities by allowing them to bypass major environmental protections advocates have fought decades for. Big h/t

BREAKING: Councillor Rob Ford, Toronto's most famous mayor, has died. He was 46.

Fact check: Ford said in the legislature Monday his PC party got "88,646 more votes than the NDP, all combined, in the city of Toronto." That’s not true. The NDP received 40,534 more votes than the PC party across 25 ridings (Chart is mine, created from Elections Ontario data):

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