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  3. for the record, the clapping is coming all from staff - not journalists.
For the record, the clapping is coming all from staff - not journalists.


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Secrets of success from the 10 Top Places to Work all-stars. #WorkBoston https://t.co/aCnTtWbCH1
My son's entire soccer team is coming over my house this afternoon for a pool party yay! Pool heater broke in the middle of the night boo! Guess God has a sense of humor huh?
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The UK and Canada launched an alliance of 27 countries and states that have pledged to phase out traditional coal power plants and cease all investment in coal domestically or abroad. Germany is not on the list of countries. https://t.co/T8BTErVDIQ
One doctor says football and the risk for concussions is so dangerous, kids shouldn't be allowed to play: "If that is not the classic definition of child abuse, what is?" | @ZachKleinWSB’s one-on-one interview, Monday at 5 pm https://t.co/HohAnaT0eV
The amount of regret I feel for not pre-downloading some Star Trek Deep Space Nine episodes before this train ride is profound
Duron Carter is a great thing for the CFL. This press conference is brilliant stuff from him. He loves football. Doesn't take things too seriously. Speaks candidly... what pro sports is lacking. #CFL @DC_CHILLIN_8
15 minutes from kick off at the Aviva Stadium - follow all of the build-up LIVE with Johhny Watterson! https://t.co/7BaDBLoiNI
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Trump delays new policy on importing elephant trophies

Associated Press - 18 November 2017 11:54-05:00

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A wintry mix of rain, snow and sleet is expected to spread throughout the area, it could turn to all snow for a time.
The number of animals killed without being stunned has risen sharply under a government exemption for Muslims and Jews from humane slaughter rules
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