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White House Correspondent for The Associated Press. Proud Northwestern grad. Long-suffering Bills fan.

Latest Scoops

Among those McCain has been in touch with during illness: Joe Biden. VP scheduled to give McCain an award next month https://t.co/DNGMdq3VXx
McCain has bristled at his return to DC being treated like a melodrama. Friends say he wants to stay upbeat, active https://t.co/DNGMdq3VXx
McCain's choice on health care balanced his friendships, party loyalty and his convictions. With @APLaurieKellman https://t.co/DNGMdq3VXx
WASHINGTON (AP) — US government tells election officials in 21 states hackers targeted their systems in 2016 but most systems not breached.
#FF @joshledermanAP who is breaking all the news at UNGA.
ICYMI: Despite those tweets, Trump is privately encouraging Corker to run again https://t.co/5rj0RfKlhr
RGA quietly launched online publication that looks like a news site. And only added a disclosure after @AP inquiry. https://t.co/XiF7CN4U3A
As Trump opens his first UNGA, @APDiploWriter @JonLemire look at how his advisers have schooled him on the world https://t.co/KUNssY7VkK
Well worth a read if you care about government transparency https://t.co/bw8TD4lON4
Among nationalist aides like Bannon, immigration - including the wall - has always been promise Trump had to keep https://t.co/BDnB7y3CEu
Trump has alternated in recent weeks between worries about base, frustration w/ Rs for not getting legislation done https://t.co/CRqu4aAKq2
So many good details in here about the mysterious attacks on diplomats in Cuba. Fascinating stuff. https://t.co/dRJVcrE7Qw
Happy to announce that the great @tomlobianco is joining the @AP Washington Bureau. Excited to have him back in the AP family.
TODAY at 10:45am @SpeakerRyan kicks off our new @AP Newsmakers series. Tune in. https://t.co/EtigtlBb2G
Official who heads Ed Dept office overseeing for-profit fraud claims used to work for school facing 2,000 claims https://t.co/p9SpnA4svS
Left in limbo: Ed Dept is sitting on 65K claims from students who say they were defrauded by for-profit colleges https://t.co/p9SpnA4svS
WASHINGTON (AP) — US says 2 more Americans suffered health effects from unexplained attacks in Cuba, raising total to 21.
If you don't know @JulietLinderman's byline, you will soon. Excited to have her joining the @AP Washington bureau.
Washington. What a place.
Trump put fate of 800K dreamers in hands of a Congress that hasn't been able to do much w/politically fraught issues https://t.co/43Dr65t8V1
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