Middle East

Sumac - from trees in the Middle East - adds a tangy flavor to a wide variety of dishes

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Middle East

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Rumors, fear-mongering and racism, these can be much more hazardous than #coronavirus . CGTN's @Jingjing_Li  speaks about these issues.

Buttigieg calls on Bloomberg to drop out after debate, warns his presence in the race will propel Sanders to victory

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“Everything looked like the movie ‘Contagion.’” A woman returning from Wuhan, China, gave us a look at life inside a U.S. coronavirus quarantine.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is focusing his campaign on gun violence ahead of Saturday's Nevada caucuses, criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders by name and accusing "cowards" in Congress of being scared into inaction by the National Rifle Association.

"Trump’s clemency grants are also a reflection of his racial outlook and his fundamental belief that some folks—wealthy white men whose white-collar crimes are in line with his own—are both above the law and beyond reproach," says @kalihollowayftw 

BREAKING: Reports of gunfire at Walmart in Madison. No injuries. MPD tells us it began after Walmart employees tried to chase two shoplifters, a white female and a white male, who began shooting as they ran. Full story tonight at 10 on WAPT.

@LinseyDavis : "What made you fall in love with him?" @cjglezman : "His heart. He made me feel so loved right away." Chasten Buttigieg sits down with Linsey Davis as part of the seri @ABCNewsLives  "Running Mates."

Trump not pleased Parasite (from South Korea) won the Best Picture Oscar. "Can we get Gone with the Wind back?"