Democratic / Amy Klobuchar / Wisconsin

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Democratic / Amy Klobuchar / Wisconsin

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The new sign marking the spot where Emmett Till’s body is believed to have been found is made of steel, weighs 500 pounds and, the manufacturer says, it’s bulletproof. It’s the 4th sign at the memorial after others were stolen and hit with bullets.

New: A source familiar w/ the presidents thinking says that after watching media coverage this weekend about Mick Mulvaney’s news conference & his attempts to clean it up, the President is increasingly frustrated with what he sees as his inability to communicate on impeachment

‘I may be dancing with the angels when all of this is corrected, but I gotta tell you: We must fight for our democracy.’ — Do not scroll past this Elijah Cummings clip

I've actually never heard it described more accurately but Prince Harry is absolutely and utterly right - grief is a wound that festers. I applaud his openness and vulnerability on the loss of his magnificent mother. There should be more conversations on grief, not less.

Christine Lagarde discusses the United States’ risk of losing leadership in the global economy

During the last Dem Debate, Beto promised to send law enforcement door-to-door to confiscate AR-15s. Sheriffs from around the country have responded. Sheriff Mark Cage of Eddy County, New Mexico, indicated his deputies will not be involved.

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Beto O'Rourke: "That fear that [President Trump] wants us to feel about one another based on the way we look, the way we pray, the way we love, where we are from on this great planet is something that we must stand up against and reject."

4 young men reached a $980,000 legal settlement with New York City on Friday after they had claimed in a lawsuit that corrections officials had transferred them to another prison to circumvent the city’s ban on using isolation as punishment for youths

Asked about the political visions of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, @amyklobuchar  tells @CHueyBurnsRCP  there's a "difference between a plan and a pipe dream"