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Dinner parties in the suburbs will never be the same. via @ManishaKrishnan 

Doug Ford's scheme to get students to screw themselves over worked.

Nice feature from @stevenzzhou  on what having 'Hope and change' title means.

Recently had my first bite of a Filet-O' Fish. Totally understand why they would be annoyed with someone messing with perfection.

2015 Justin Trudeau would have been on TikTok (if it existed) instead Singh is dominating a platform for young people.

Me: this random dog is sitting next to me because he senses my quiet strength. Also me: I left a takeout container under my desk.

Rangers fourth line is their second best unit rn


Really struggled with what to say about the loss of my favourite artist, Scott Hutchison, so I just said everything.

My new Star Trek series is Picard owns a vineyard and he’s married into a large family and has step-grandchildren and solves local mysteries in southern France with his granddaughter, a rebellious but brilliant high schooler.

LeBron James just went down like Trudeau elbowed him.

ICYMI: White nationalists responsible for 10X more violence than Islamic extremists in Canada.

Reminder, less than 2 years ago, Toronto police assured public there was no serial killer on the loose.

Wow, Ferguson police chief saying reporters arrested because they were an 'unlawful gathering.' Keep it up, Wiggum.

Oh shit, it appears Twitter is not the general electorate.

Raise your hand if you are a former NP employee who was reprimanded for your reporting being too critical of Conservatives. 🙋‍♂️