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2/ To add to the LOLs, let's just take note that Trump/Sander's most specific criteria they referenced abou @JohnBrennant is that he's too "erratic ". lol.
.@jimsciutto just reported that the Director of National Intelligence was not consulted on this decision. Here's the President making a finding of fact that there's no substantial benefit to intel comm being able to consult w Brennan going forward. But no one asked the DNI.
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Manafort Attorney Takes Sly Digs At Mueller In Closing Arguments https://t.co/sd2mVETqGT via @TPM
self-help book parenting methods, amirite? https://t.co/T18gtAe91t via @TPM
GOP's Attempt To Remove Chris Collins From Ballot Will Likely End In Court https://t.co/p6WufmkvoH via @TPM
WATCH LIVE: White House Press Briefing At 2:00 PM ET https://t.co/18QNV31wMO via @TPM
Trump Strips John Brennan Of Security Clearance https://t.co/LyWaPqiTsO via @TPM
I really think the proper response to this is laughter more than outrage. Donald Trump feels the walls closing in on him, he's a coward, he's caught. And this is how he lashes out. What a douche.
Spent some time watching Trump's 2011/12 vid blog. Whatever role age has played, I think we don't get just how much the Russia probe has changed him. https://t.co/8qP7FZFSIS via @TPM
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