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3/ conclusion.
The key is there’s a cover up. I think this requires no assumptions or speculation. We see this happening every day. That is the heart of the matter. What you choose to say about what is being covered up is a secondary matter about how explicitly want to draw a logical ...
2/ a political conversation. In that context, it is critical to talk about substance and not simply process, even though the world runs on process. A political conversation requires clarity. The house is on fire. We can’t muddle or run away from that.
3/ thus has no understanding or experience of following the law. He deserves our pity rather than our contempt. Let’s be honest. This is a preposterous idea. If in fact he is somehow congenitally incapable of following the law he shouldn’t be president.
4/ This brings us back to the point of the post. We’re coming up with all sorts of bizarre theories to evade what’s obvious. Trump is trying to cover up or evade responsibility for bad acts so grave he’s willing to commit all manner of impeachable offenses to do so.
2/ I confess I too once entertained this “incompetence, ignorance of convention” idea. Let’s call it the “Raised by Wolves” thesis. Like a child who was raised by wolves or gorillas or snakes and is thus somehow feral Trump was raised among the profoundly criminal and ...
2/ If a guy is being investigated and he threatens to kill the DAs husband or bribes jurors at trial, we act on the assumption something bad happened and we treat the threats and bribes as crimes. To not recognize the situation as it is is folly.
2/ Under the proposed law a one mile length of wall will be set aside for a “commemorative display” to list your name if you contribute to the Trump Wall GoFundMe.
GOP Rep introduces bill to start federal godfundme-style site to fund Trump’s border wall https://t.co/4CTrEWPt9l
It’s come to this. GOP Rep files bill to create a kickstarter-style crowdfunding site to build Trumps wall. https://t.co/av6ytTtZ4v
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