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smart brevity longform is like the cuneiform pivot to video basically. and driven by similar imperatives.
This take - wildly pervasive and covering many issues in Trumpdom - is today’s version of “excellent news for John McCain!” https://t.co/7fxOBdbqEH
Not my normal tweet. But anyone out there who is an @EpicGames master or better yet works there? My sons account is in a weird 2fa catch 22 or something similar. I can’t resolve it. And so basically until it is my life is at a standstill ... because kids and their games.
Weird this article can be written and not talk to all the advertisers who are redeploying dollars away from Facebook. https://t.co/4W9ljZ6IAT
Signs you need to get a life. iOS identifies these five facial patterns showing up frequently in images on my iPad. Two sons, me, Trump and model dignity wraith.
The Trumps: Season Two
America at its best
I just finished @wmarybeard’s four episode series on Rome and Roman Empire. It was really, really good. It’s a gift to see one of a generations great scholars be able to work so well in the popular documentary medium. Strongly recommend.
3/ Here was the first high profile Dem reaction to Scott Brown’s win in Mass, that Dems should give up on Obamacarhttps://t.co/rC5MyJXj5Re
2/ And to be clear I’m a huge fan of Barney’s but he folded like a thrice cooked Ramen noodle. Sad.
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