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my latest >>> Don’t Expect the Mueller Probe To Do What Isn’t Its Job https://t.co/lyyFoZ1uu0 via @TPM
Trump And Allies Gleefully Seize Upon Mueller’s Denial Of BuzzFeed Reporting https://t.co/STSfbtuNqZ via @TPM
3/ It’s not either/or. We need both. But a full airing of what happened (and what continues to happen) is the critical need. And that’s not what the Special Counsel probe is designed to do.
2/ in the 2016 election and who President Trump works for today. Whether any individual person is incarcerated matters much less than figuring out the truth of what happened. Only congressional investigations or independent commissions can answer that charge.
Today’s brouhaha recalls a simple point. Point of the Mueller probe is not to get to the truth or bring the facts before the public. It’s a criminal and CI probe meant to find and prosecute crimes. But what the country most needs is the truth, both about what happened ...
Flat out terrible decision for a lot of money, with devastating professional consequences. Still painful to read. Nothing survives contact with Trump. Might as well be a LOTR character, one touch brings death, a black hole of life energy. https://t.co/nkDOL35xAu
Best thing that happened today: "You mischaracterized my argument about Baby Hitler."
Worth remembering. President not only instructed his son to lie about the Trump Tower meeting. He actually wrote the fake statement himself. Didn’t instruct. He lied on his behalf over his name.
@chick_in_kiev This is at best only partly true. The vulture/private equity folks have made a killing because the papers businesses were already under huge strain or failing. Nor are the forces mysterious. Papers lost their commercial speech monopolies. Important to get order of events right.
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