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Ex-Workers At Russian ‘Troll Factory’ Trust U.S. Indictment https://t.co/pfit5Jqs5N via @TPM
PA Supreme Court Unveils New Voting Maps, Republicans Likely To Sue https://t.co/F2NCf7Xo9T via @TPM
Trump Jr to combine foreign policy speech with selling apartment units in Trump buildings in India https://t.co/95ovcSXl8J via @TPM
Main “conservative” here is a ‘scholar’ at the Frank Gaffney anti-Muslim hate group. Sad. >>>> Conservatives urge Trump to grant pardons in Russia probe via https://t.co/YEvOx9L6LA@politico
America Getting Greater By the Day Under Trump https://t.co/fWcGLUrai3 via @TPM
2/ And also, as you say, Trump Org quite skilled at what it needs to be skilled at. Good in ways most organized crime orgs/families are skilled.
A Gun And A Fender-Bender Impact Trump’s Golf Course Visit https://t.co/JurErkdTah via @TPM
White House: Trump Supports Gun Background Check Bill https://t.co/FRAf1Y8ZtT via @TPM
Watching Rob Goldman’s twitter explanation unfold in real time
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