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@workmanalice The Uniting Church decided in July that ministers could marry same-sex couples if they choose. But now a number of presbyteries in Qld and NT have lodged complaints. If SA follows suit, they'll have to pause holding any weddings until another assembly can be called to decide
Breaking from me and @workmanalice: Uniting Church is warning ministers they might be forced to stop holding same-sex weddings just weeks after they started being able to marry gay couples. https://t.co/Qvc6PPsNKX
He spent four weeks in supermax jail, now all the charges have been dropped. https://t.co/xvdUgsGihK
No government agencies asked for websites to be blocked in the last financial year. (This is the first year ACMA has reported this s313 information)
It'll be pretty easy for Morrison to get his website back. https://t.co/PmztP72Ihj
Home Affairs blames FOI for detention centre officers being harassed.
Department officials are struggling to explain how this anti-encryption legislation will work in practice. Good times.
Lmao, because you used their brand.
Breaking from @ginarush: White Ribbon Australia Pulled Its Support For Abortion Rights The Day After Queensland Voted To Decriminalise Abortion https://t.co/tSNsRTe1h1
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