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Sky News has called it for John Alexander #Bennelong
Sky vox popped a young guy who said he voted Christian Democrat because he was fed up with the Liberals on the same-sex marriage vote.
A lot of people are still scarred by it. I don't think you're in a position to tell people how to feel.
I'm not sure what is my favourite thing after the postal survey: Lyle switching to the Jedi religion for some reason or the continued straightsplaining on how wonderful the postal survey was.
This demeans the bin chicken
Fresh from being on the wrong side of history on marriage equality, the Catholic Church in Australia will be on the wrong side of history on the royal commission.
The Catholic Church Should Stop Forced Celibacy For Priests, The Royal Commission Has Recommended https://t.co/tTw48CtQwJ
This is a tweet of a video where they report on a tweet. https://t.co/5LWKjtxcSu
One of the many important parts of the royal commission report.
All the Foreign Correspondent-style reporting from Bennelong is very strange.
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