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Politics reporter for @crikey_news in the press gallery. Politics, media, tech, and pop culture geek. Tips: jtaylor@crikey.com.au. Open DMs.

Latest Scoops

Err. Australian Conservatives didn't exist at the 2016 election. #QandA
The questioners are basically acting as though Labor is already in government...with possibly a year until the election. #qanda
I have a pavlovian response to change the channel when I hear the #qanda theme but will watch tonight for @workmanalice
Shot, chaser, chaser.
Oh, looks like it is undeleted now. Odd.
Ooft, @alexbhathal deleted her Twitter account.
Also no newspoll today, which I assume is timed because they didn't want the 30th to be on Easter Monday public holiday (though the analogies would have been wonderful)
Abbott says Dutton was "absolutely right" on white South African farmers. He said it is "a very very serious issue of justice and fairness"
"Money for nothing" is a great song choice to explain franking credits. #insiders
Julie Bishop says the humanitarian visa program is non-discriminatory. Indicates there won't be priority given to white farmers from South Africa. #insiders
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