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Striking how virtually every talking point against the New Yorker story comes from the New Yorker story. One can question their decision to publish, but at least they showed their work as the math teachers would say
Also the primary point of a pardon may not be to spare Manafort or protect Trump but to taunt Mueller
Nothing says welcome to visitors like the words 'RABIES ALERT' https://t.co/jOTii0iHtm
While you all were obsessed with the Kavanaugh saga, Chris Wray saw the pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx and Petra https://t.co/adJA8Hyewq
This seems to either walk up to or over the line that's supposed to insulate the Justice Department from White House interference. Arguably justifiable if generic, but it's pretty clear which firms are being targeted https://t.co/6qMfs3IOxs
Real WashTimes headline today (2018)
The D.C. Circuit was talking Friday about the legality of transmitting a report to Congress as part of the impeachment process. The report judges discussed was about Watergate, but still https://t.co/NJoO6z2XM9
@MarkSZaidEsq @jdawsey1 Time to call in @ArtBell51 People just aren't acting normal. Perhaps our legislators have been replaced with crisis actors.
JUST IN: Additional Rosenstein statement: '“I never pursued or authorized recording the President and any suggestion that I have ever advocated for the removal of the President is absolutely false.' More: https://t.co/W4P6qPwA85
A former DOJ official says any reference by Rosenstein to 25th Amendment would've been a joke because he knows the law and that 25th is harder to invoke than impeachment. Earlier on that point: https://t.co/98p26KQMyV
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