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@emptywheel I think Rosenstein is unlikely to be fired as long as Mueller is at work, for the same reason Rosenstein hasn't been fired yet. And I think he and Sessions will both get the axe or resign once Mueller's work is more or less done.
It's a little more complicated here, of course, because Rosenstein can't count on Trump's support and such a showdown might trigger Rod's dismissal. But seems unlikely while Mueller's at work and virtually certain thereafter regardless of this doc fight
Rod Rosenstein must be QUAKING in his boots at Gowdy's contempt threat. After all, Eric Holder was cited for contempt of Congress and he got SUED. And it's still bumping around in the courts SIX YEARS LATER https://t.co/EhNS1MPg9S
I don't think this is the core point @DavidAFrench was trying to make but military's punishment for mishandling classified does tend to be harsher than civilian world. https://t.co/aRw5YaWgk1 I discussed that here: https://t.co/0JByY7FUut
Virginia jail where Manafort was booked in tonight has been used to house at least one major terrorism suspect. Manafort is listed as in the "VIP" block. Earlier: https://t.co/HSn0MiixZF
POTUS being called a liar to his face by journos seems like an inflection point of some kind. (Not that he doesn't do the same to media virtually daily, though usually via Twitter.)

Best part, though may be the "sir." Important to show respect for the office and be polite.https://t.co/IZK1GG1emy
IG still has several leak-related matters under review. Not clear to me, though, whether a disclosure to Hill committee by FBI agent would be considered a leak. But certainly sets up a vector for leaking....https://t.co/2r0CSTgHjf
Judge finds 'missteps' by prosecution in Benghazi suspect's trial, but won't overturn guilty verdicts. Doc: https://t.co/0TQFI8eOPG
Seattle fed judge rejects Trump admin effort to stay or narrow nationwide injunction on ban on transgender in military. Doc: https://t.co/08XQuMsqiI
Nothing more damning than to be called a bothsideser or whataboutist, but you won't get me to agree it's fine for an official to do ALL his/her business on a personal, private email account. Perhaps a venial sin and not a cardinal one. That said....https://t.co/h9YBhlFbGK
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