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ICYMI: Late Friday #FOIA release in suit from @politico and @JMadisonProject prompts release of synopsis used to brief Trump and Obama on so-called dirty dossier. Legal fight continues as doc remains heavily redacted https://t.co/7pbJDDVYHD
BREAKING: FBI releases heavily-redacted version of 'synopsis' Comey used to brief Trump on so-called dirty dossier https://t.co/4QqW3aUjB8 #FOIA @JMadisonProject
Here's what went down in a DC Circuit courtroom before reporters were kicked out Friday https://t.co/XfuhZ8q7Ev
@ChrisMegerian I'm not sure what that proves, except that he knew John Edwards was prosecuted. Maybe by 'a lot of very good lawyers have told me,' he meant the case has fatal legal flaws. And an indictment is just an allegation. I also don't think it closes the door on the advice of counsel def
So you have access to that floor? Try going up one and see what happens.... :)
Does sound like prosecutors have a decent circumstantial-plus case that the payments were election-related
i don't think i'd have gotten there without your inspiration....I want to thank everyone who helped me on the way up
This is why I wear mine on my sleeve.
@AndyGrewal @EricColumbus Fortunately for all of us, there was this really keen reporter there who wrote it all up :)https://t.co/0OuCXVMHwk
Judge Leon seems doubtful Corsi lawsuit against Mueller is related to earlier litigation over FISA and bulk collection of phone data. Orders filings, hearing
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