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One more thing: now the defendants will need bail proceedings in EDVA, too! Not sure I can take another round. We're still not done with that in DC yet. https://t.co/mKaP8zRcvz
Crowdsourcing: Is it notable that new Manafort/Gates indictment does not describe alleged conspirators as unindicted? Could they have been indicted in the indictment filed in VA last week? https://t.co/mKaP8zRcvz
New detail: Manafort is the one who declined to agree to face tax charges in DC, prompting Mueller team to bring new, 2nd-track of charges in Virginia https://t.co/mKaP8zRcvz
Fun fact: Missouri gov's lawyer in case over nude pix of woman, Ed Dowd Jr., was deputy counsel in DOJ's last pre-Mueller use of the special counsel regulations, to probe the Waco Branch Davidian mess. Chief counsel was John Danforth.
FWIW, the new Virginia indictment of Manafort and Gates isn't all new. Four of the charges (failing to report foreign bank accounts) were previously brought in DC https://t.co/mKaP8zRcvz
Another thing that didn't (really) leak: Mueller was using Alexandria, Va. grand jury in recent weeks to get a new indictmenthttps://t.co/msxmeS1LeA
NEW: Rick Gates' existing defense team is departing and Tom Green is IN as special counsel Robert Mueller's case against ex-Trump campaign aides expands https://t.co/mKaP8zRcvz
BREAKING: New tax fraud and bank fraud indictment of Manafort and Gates filed in Alexandria, VA https://t.co/cibQ4nVpcU Story TK
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