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#SCOTUS making us wait for Trump subpoena cases. 1st up a 5-4 decision giving Oklahoma Indian tribe greater control over a large chunk of the state. Gorsuch swings with the liberals

JUST IN: @JusticeOIG  again dings senior FBI officials, says ethics rules were violated in meeting at unspecified sporting event big enough to merit a pre-game briefing. Also retaliation that may be related. Docs:

@rickhasen  Let me tell you one about a certain real estate developer who enjoyed the spotlight and repeatedly toyed with running for president...

JUST IN: A 5th execution could be added to 4 feds have already scheduled as US govt gets back in death penalty business for 1st time in 17 years. 9th Circuit turned down en banc petition from Lezmond Mitchell, convicted in brutal 2001 murders. Earlier:

NEW: NY federal judge still balking at closing book on Iranian sanctions case where prosecutors were accused of withholding exculpatory evidence. Says she may hold hearing to assess govt lawyers' 'credibility.' Order:


JUST IN: Judge Amy Berman Jackson making super clear to US Atty's office in DC that she wants to know if acquiesence in Roger Stone's request to delay prison is a special favor or really policy. Earlier:

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French hospital halts hydroxychloroquine treatment study due to cardiac side effects

NEW OVERNIGHT: In late-night court filing from DOJ, @RJRosenstein  acknowledges he made decision to release Strzok-Page texts that have fueled many a POTUS attack on the former FBI employees. Both are suing over release, saying it invaded their privacy

BREAKING: Major win for LGBT rights at #SCOTUS  with 6-3 decision that federal law bars workplace discrimination against gays, lesbian and transgender. GORSUCH writes for Dem appointees. ROBERTS agrees. ALITO/THOMAS/KAVANAUGH dissent.

NEW: Mueller notches a pre-testimony courtroom victory as a jury convicts Trump transition adviser and Michael Flynn ex-business partner Bijan Rafiekian on foreign-agent charges after just 4 hours of deliberations. Case was an outrgrowth of Mueller probe

Trump admin tells incredulous appeals court panel that judge erred by insisting that 'safe and sanitary' conditions for detained immigrant children means they must have access to soap. Via @helenchristophi 

LATE NIGHT NEWS FROM THE COAST: Manafort's ex-son-in-law Jeff Yohai gets 9+ years for 'horrific' series of frauds, including scam 'sober living' homes. Sentence is about year-and-a-half longer than Manafort is serving