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Bloomberg Businessweek (@BW) reporter, covering labor/ politics/ policy. Send me your tips (and complaints): jeidelson at bloomberg dot net [Usual disclaimers]

Latest Scoops

“I’m telling my story because there may be others...” https://t.co/w6ToLiwCIx
am I the only one that gets stressed trying to answer the captcha prove-you-are-not-a-robot quizzes? (like the one I just did on identifying which photos are or are not storefronts...)
For this week's @BW, I wrote about sexual harassment in the labor movement - https://t.co/ffDijDQW7c - and alleged forced labor in immigrant detention https://t.co/K7ZP0Yy3cg
Alt-labor group @OURWmt (https://t.co/EEng8qil8K) today launching boycott of Modcloth, online retailer acquired this year by Walmart, "until Walmart and all its brands treat women workers fairly"
"Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta Nov. 14 told business community representatives he’s considering automatically updating time-and-a-half pay requirements to keep pace with inflation" https://t.co/yrYuZdZ5q6 @benjaminpenn
"Against many odds, plaintiff workers secured judicial recognition of employee status in each of these cases. The untold, post-litigation stories, however, were surprisingly grim..." https://t.co/uCdbMFy8PN @veenadubal
"It is this type of behavior—rewarding high performers and ignoring victims—that Huffington is vowing to eradicate from Uber’s work culture." https://t.co/MYqHdwqLvx @MelanieHannah
"When somebody is going into casting or an audition or they’re going to meet a producer, that’s not in our contract. Our contract lives and breathes on the set they’re working...” https://t.co/vX7ERfjpgU @IanKullgren
"Asked about major labor policies to come out of the [HELP] committee, Chairman Lamar Alexander told Bloomberg Law the committee’s focus is on 'nominees who make policy.'" https://t.co/DkPtEKtJ9K @TyrichardsonPC
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