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Bloomberg Businessweek (@BW) reporter, covering labor/ politics/ policy. Send me your tips (and complaints): jeidelson at bloomberg dot net [Usual disclaimers]

Latest Scoops

.@GOP email to reporters on job guarantee, single-payer, $15 wage, free college: "By the time we get to 2020, will there be any Bernie policy that the rest of the field hasn’t adopted? Or will the debate stage be filled with self-avowed socialists?"
.@SenGillibrand announcing bill today to start postal banking at all 30,000 postal service locations, which her office says "would effectively end predatory payday lending industry practices overnight"
“'Don’t know him. Never met him,'” he wrote. Eight minutes later, Cuban sent a follow-up: 'Don’t have any thoughts on him at all.'" https://t.co/p9qbGWiZLc @maxabelson @BW
.@AFTunion says it suspects a series of additional recent stings by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas targeting teacher unions, including in New Mexico where someone "used a false identity...pretending to be a teacher...who had abused a student physically and with racial epithets"
"public support that has helped carry the teachers to victories so far has been less present for blue-collar workers...In Georgia, bus drivers who organized their own work stoppage last week were met with public condemnation and immediate firings" https://t.co/2xTmNTnrRn @rmc031
.@UAW announces it has won NLRB unionization election among Harvard graduate student employees, 1,931 to 1,523. Vote follows previous election thrown out by NLRB, and comes days before planned UAW strike at Columbia over university's refusal to bargain
A week before Tesla's blog post blasting @reveal as "extremist organization" for its Tesla safety expose, a sub-contracted worker was hit by a piece of equipment and sent to hospital with broken jaw and lacerated face: https://t.co/fW9NRo8m19 Breaking @business w/ @danahull
Exclusive: A sub-contracted Tesla worker had his jaw broken and face lacerated by a piece of equipment April 9; Cal/OSHA has been probing this, one of two Tesla investigations it's launched this month https://t.co/fW9NRo8m19 w/ @danahull
Depositions start today in case brought by father and son suing Tesla as "joint employer" over alleged racist harassment, discrimination, and retaliation: https://t.co/jucsaZ0Xgv
People who've worked at Tesla say push to work long hours and unresponsiveness to worker concerns have contributed to an unsafe environment https://t.co/xCkd9LWX4g “They’re still 100 percent just about production”
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