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watched Los Heroes Del Mal (The Heroes of Evil) because Netflix told me to and I’m not sure what to make of it but I guess I think it was disturbing and affecting but not very good?
Tactics like restaurant servers taking break at once to confront a boss may be protected by law; help organizers test and advance workers' capacity to mobilize co-workers; can be disruptive or embarrassing for company; & effectively threaten escalation to more aggressive actions
Some commenting on hour-long Slate Slack Strike may not realize that collectively briefly stopping work - e.g. for a few minutes to go confront your boss or huddle as a group- or stopping certain tasks - e.g. by stringently observing oft-ignored safety rules - are age-old tactics
saw the first 15 minutes of "The Romanoffs" earlier this week and, uh, does it get any better or should I cut my losses
"For First Act in Power, Democrats Consider Making Their Own Agenda Impossible to Pass" https://t.co/XVYvKq6sgs @EricLevitz
kudos to David Weil (@profsheena) for titling a section in his book "Why Is This Account Different From All Other Accounts?" #FourQuestions
“I think leadership will likely be more concerned about the slippery slope argument- ‘if we give in on this, we will lose control of everything’-than they are about irritating the workforce,” says head of Wharton HR center, & best move is "see if the supervisors can talk it down"https://t.co/305gAg2WVV
New: Elon Musk emails staff that he will personally he will walk the entire Model 3 production line on Nov. 27 and 28, saying Tesla needs to produce 1,000 Model 3s a day on a sustained basis in the next few weeks to achieve “a financially healthy quarter” https://t.co/ACCG1U2Ce0
“Honestly, I respect Sheryl a lot more after reading this,’’ one Facebook employee said on an anonymous employee chat app regarding the New York Times investigation https://t.co/el2HzzsXRE @sarahfrier
Learned from @LaneWindham's book that before Senate debate on failed labor law reform bill in 1978, AFL-CIO took out full-page WSJ ad, in which its head George Meany asked business "What is your motivation" for opposing the bill. "Do you want to destroy American trade unionism?"
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