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Bloomberg Businessweek (@BW) reporter, covering labor/ politics/ policy. Send me your tips (and complaints): jeidelson at bloomberg dot net [Usual disclaimers]

Latest Scoops

Trump-appointed NLRB general counsel has told regional directors he wants to reorganize the Labor Board's 26 regional offices into smaller number of units supervised by officials reporting directly to him: https://t.co/PpluI5iSPl
Trump's Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is widely believed to be positioning himself for a future judgeship, the great @benjaminpenn reports: https://t.co/fdA4kfNO3o
“It’s not motivating people to self-deport... It’s motivating people to not use their labor rights. It’s causing people to distrust government agencies.” https://t.co/3FU7SkN6T3 @Nataliekitro
"As far as class-action wins and the size of those wins, I would expect those both to go down" in 2018, @psecundaWrkProf tells me: https://t.co/4ZuJYHmejF
Saw the new Star Wars over the weekend, and, as someone who’s never been a devotee (grew up in a Star Trek household), liked this one at least as much as I remember liking any of the others
“We’ve deliberately dismembered him through manipulation of his memory” https://t.co/W1JPtnOhNp @MichaelEDyson @Salon
There are multiple ways to read this headline...
"Corporations may dodge billions in U.S. taxes through new loophole: experts"
.@32BJSEIU press release on airport living wage policy taking effect today: "Immigrant workers from so-called 'shit hole countries' celebrate wage raise that improves their lives and our airports"
Lack of sexual harassment protections for contractors (https://t.co/BiC7pHq2wp) will be a focus of former EEOC chair @Jennyryang, now an Open Society Foundations fellow, @_jacquie_lee reports: https://t.co/wDKcxtQ2up
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