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Bloomberg Businessweek (@BW) reporter, covering labor/ politics/ policy. Send me your tips (and complaints): jeidelson at bloomberg dot net [Usual disclaimers]

Latest Scoops

New w/ @hassankanu: https://t.co/qpnWqwzkJ4 “It’s critical that the White House Office of Legal Counsel weigh in" on Labor Board recusal issues like the new one with McDonald's, HR Policy Association attorney says
Filing from Trump-appointed NLRB general counsel says that whereas his Obama-appointed predecessor wanted to use McDonald's case to change "joint employer" precedent on franchises, he "has a different view," focused on remedying specific alleged violations https://t.co/HoTmPIxACC
Usually a two year age difference doesn’t feel like a big deal, but last night I suggested to my partner that we watch the Tonya Harding movie, and he said he’d never heard of her
In 2010, Lamont accidentally boosted national movement for paid sick leave mandates - by opposing them. Fellow Dem Dan Malloy seized on issue to help him draw progressive votes away from Lamont in primary, beat him, became governor, signed first statewide paid sick day law in US.https://t.co/oXzMSiDPML
Trump 2020 campaign adviser Katrina Pierson, just now on CNN: "I did sign an NDA with the campaign, because everyone signed an NDA with the campaign"
Just now on CNN, Trump 2020 campaign advisor Katrina Pierson, when asked if Trump may have used "n-word," gets epistemological: "How can you sit there and ask anybody if they know anything that's not about themselves?"
Exclusive: McDonald's asks NLRB to revive settlement a judge rejected. Fight For $15 and Elizabeth Warren say two Trump appointees on NLRB should recuse themselves, because their former firms were advising franchisees on how to respond to Fight For $15 https://t.co/HoTmPIxACC
"White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders falsely claimed that President Donald Trump has created three times as many jobs for black workers as his predecessor Barack Obama did during his entire time in office." https://t.co/q59lWJnqjy @ToluseO
“It’s really, critically important that I not be known as the ‘Sheriff on Wall Street.. .I don’t believe in labels.” https://t.co/OrQJ4GkTkx
"An Australian telecom executive, the leader of a cosmetics company, and the former finance chief of Elon Musk’s solar-power company are now in charge of deciding Tesla Inc.’s fate." https://t.co/7XSadn3TiK @danahull @sarahhhgardner
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