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Latest Scoops

President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project https://t.co/dX3zZDFviJ
New: Skadden, Arps – lobbying firm that got caught up in Mueller investigation – has admitted it "acted as an agent of the government of Ukraine" and struck a settlement deal with the Justice Department
Trump was “greeted like a conquering hero” on visit to FBI’s New York office in June 2016, Chris Christie says in new book. Dozens asking for handshakes & autographs. “This was definitely Trump country”. tol@attackermand you: https://t.co/3Hba7xDBAF
Index of Chris Christie’s 410-page book points to “Jared Kushner – Russian collusion” material on page 573, which is a solid prank
New filing from Mueller's office: Paul Manafort said in Jan 2017 he was using intermediaries "to get people appointed in the Administration", Rick Gates has told investigators.
I am informed by colleagues who have read the book that Trump refers to such a tie as a "slenderizer"
Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, was paid *$2.7m* to provide “digital operations” for the inauguration https://t.co/C7xuwGeBCB
VTB told me on the record it’s not them, fwiw
Still unknown: date of Manafort-Kilimnik Madrid meeting. Today's filing suggests it was during 2016 campaign. We knew they'd met twice during campaign – May and Aug 2016 – in the U.S. Mueller said in an Oct 31, 2017 filing that Manafort had visited Madrid "within the last year".
Paul Manafort's attorneys just re-filed their document, this time with working redactions.
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