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Takes the New York Times to expose the coronavirus Testing racket: Shortage of Virus Tests in U.K. Lures Profiteers and Con Artists

Tonight on More4 the final! 8.00pm be there or be Square!

Amid our own woes, BBC Radio 4 dedicated today's 'Sunday Service' to Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, shot dead by rightwing gunmen at the High Altar of his San Salvador Cathedral 40 years ago today. I was one of those sent report then. Sadly the violence continues today.

This will move you to tears..and afterwards you will feel extraordinarily uplifted. Together we win!

@carneross  Setting up a small dynamic UN task force to marshall PPE protection resources and strategies for member states accross the world: plus draw together treatment strategies so that we can learn together snd from each other.

The mystery of the true coronavirus death rate via @FT  Useful article in the unreliability if numbers.

The world goes on despite the Coronavirus: TODAY is DAY 1 of World Autism Awareness Month. Imagine the difficulty they are having winning our interest. I am a patron of See what you can do to help x

Spare a thought for North sea oil workers suffering from the Coronavirus - A specially adapted ‘Corona Copter’ has been sent to rescue them / @FT 


In 7 General Elections as anchor @Channel4News , after weeks of requests,Theresa May is the first serving PM to refuse me an interview why?

No wonder the young voted so strongly to Remain: they are now about to lose the right to study, live, love, and work in 27 other countries

Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May. For 29 years at I have interviewed the Prime Minister of the day at their party conference - until today. has refused to appear on tonight; unprecedented & disappointing

Interesting that the Government is prepared to get MPs to vote on the same deal three maybe four times until it gets the answer it wants..but asking the people to vote again would appear to be a definite no....

Were any other country on Earth doing what is being done in Gaza, there would be worldwide uproar

Its Official: Bank of England Governor tells the City: Brexit has made us poorer.

Let's get it clear: No deal does NOT mean we don't leave the EU: it just means we crash out..Oh and by the way: Sony are abandoning their headquarters in the UK and setting up in Holland.