Jon Shutterstock ?

Jon Shutterstock ?

Founder/CEO of 「@Shutterstock」 Married to @TaliaOringer. Father of Serena and Shuttersock.

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@fffotoru  You can focus on the first 100 downloads (ie: the 10 cents per dl) for the year - or you could do what a lot of successful contributors are doing - and making a lot more at the top levels then they ever have before.

One of the most amazing things about my new position is getting emails from former Shutterstock employees who want to start a business. My plan is to incubate 3-4 new businesses a year. If you want to be a founding CEO or CTO - reach out! We have more ideas than operators.

paid out $1B to creators around the world - and working on paying out the next $1B.. thanks for the plug.

SSTK Paid out $1B to creators - and we are working the next Billion of payouts. Yes - that's a lot of dimes.

@KValkman  We are working 5x harder to make you guys that next billion. Think the world gets easier for us while it gets harder for you guys? The environment has changed and it is more difficult for everyone. Let's all get back to work. You are free to take your content off the platform.

Given Chrome has slowed to a crawl - what are people using these days? Safari? Firefox?

Last weeks Tesla X update included calendar integration. This morning my car knew exactly where I was going and with one click I activated the nav. I can’t remember the last time I was surprised and delighted by a car’s tech. This is why @elonmusk  and @Tesla  are winning.

Amazing ride this morning with the cycling club.

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@KeremGogus  @Payoneer  @Payoneer_HelpT  @Shutterstockhey  aren’t a bank - I would always transfer funds immediately out to an FDIC protected account.

ok @airtable  is amazing. Where have you been all my life.


Encryption doesn’t kill people. Guns kill people.

Question on @Quora : What kind of programmer will be in shortage in the future?

Shutterstock position on US Executive Order on Immigration:

BuzzFeed Trained A Computer To Search For Hidden Spy Planes. This Is What It Found.

Today we announced a milestone: over $500mm in payouts to our contributiors. #infographic  :

I just published “Apple’s dual camera phone will change photography as we know it.. and here’s why:”