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Bolivia Crisis Shows the Blurry Line Between Coup and Uprising

"By sending troops to U.S.-Mexico border and threatening armed action against Venezuela’s govn't, Trump has undermined efforts made by recent Administrations, notably Obama’s, to effect a more respectful rapport with the governments of the hemisphere:"

Peter Handke won the Nobel Prize after two jurors fell for a conspiracy theory about the Bosnian genocide by @maassp 

The left-to-right shift in #Bolivia  is taking place with vertiginous speed: Bolivia’s new government expels Cuban officials, recalls its diplomatic staff from Venezuela

Ethnic Rifts in Bolivia Burst Into View With Fall of Evo Morales

2/4 Inside, several large, unmistakable shapes moved relentlessly back and forth. “Are those sharks?” I asked him. “Yes,” he said. “Do you want to see them?” We crossed the lawn and stood in front of the tank, which was eight feet tall and twenty feet wide. There were four

3/4 sharks, each about four feet long, swimming among smaller fish. I told Gotabaya that they looked like black-tipped reef sharks. He shrugged. “They’re my wife’s,” he said. She knew everything about them, he explained, but she was away on a visit to the States.

4/4 All he knew was that the tank needed to be changed with fresh seawater every two weeks. “They bring it in special tanker trucks,” he said, watching the sharks. He giggled softly.


A friend of Evo's just called to say that he has not resigned, that it's "a coup," that Argentina's Macri govn't, still in power, is refusing to let Evo to fly there; that those closest to him are asking for political asylum wherever possible. Predicts more violence. What next?

0rwell would love this. Spanish govt denies holding “political prisoners,” preferring term “imprisoned politicians:”

So electrical blackouts are not exclusively evidence of the failure of socialism and Venezuelan “castrochavismo,” then?! 🤭

#YoTambien is the Latin American equivalent of #MeToo . In Colombia there is gathering media buzz about rapes allegedly committed by former President Alvaro#Uribe  Velez.

With the death of #Fidel  Castro, at 90, one of modern world's most epic lives has ended, & w/it, an era of revolution that shaped our world.

#yoTambien Ex-President Uribe’s evasive responses have left a strong impression that the rape allegations against him are true.Uribe’s main protection is the fear he inspires in many Colombians because of his close links to w/people involved in rightwing paramilitary groups.

What a diff approach to how U.K. deals with Scottish nationalistts. In UK, the issues are dealt via debate. Spain hunts down pro independence Catalans like members of a criminal insurgency. So self-defeating: Catalan leader Puigdemont detained in Germany

“The political pacts that were formed in 1978, following the death of Franco, appear to be falling apart.”

Fascist salutes in Madrid mark anniversary of Spain's dictator Franco's death #Francoland  @antoniommolina