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President Trump is banned from $TWTR $FB $SNAP indefinitely, and his YouTube account is suspended. Is this long overdue rule enforcement or is big tech choking free speech? I argue both sides in 2021’s first On the Other Hand#OTOH  with @andrewrsorkin 

@wrike  CEO @andrewsthoughts  is riding high, with an annualized revenue run rate above $100M, and a plan to consider an IPO soon. But a few years back, he hit a rough patch and shifted his mindset. From #forttknox :

People mad at @timbaland  for sampling music from all over the world, but have GIFs all over their timelines #hiphop 

Can @PGelsinger  return @intel  to its former glory? Or is it too late? I give you both takes ahead of earnings in the latest edition of #OTOH  on @CNBC  with @JoeSquawk  . #intel  $INTC #chips  #microsoft  #AWS  #qualcomm  #nvidia  #AMD 

Incoming @intel  CEO @PGelsinger  grew up intending to be a farmer. As he told me in this #ForttKnox  interview a few years ago, circumstances pulled him in a very different direction. #intel  #vmware  $INTC $VMW #calling 

For everyone calling Pat Gelsinger Intel's "prodigal son" ... prodigal means wastefully spending, not "one who went away" .... Wrong usage.

One of the best connections I made in 2020 was with @michaelbhorn , cofounder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, education technology expert, and investor. This week he invited me to have a conversation about The Course on The Future of Education:


Robert E. Lee was not an honorable man. Kelly’s statements about the Civil War show a surprising lack of knowledge of U.S. history.

OK, Taylor Swift. You finally got me tonight. Much respect. #grammys 

Apple v FBI debate remind anyone of Jurassic Park? "We want you to create mutant dinosaurs, but only for safe captivity on this one island."

@edmundlee  The fascinating problem here is that it penalizes the family that sacrifices to put a child in a better-performing high school and a less dangerous neighborhood. Even though the goal is to get into the best possible college, in a nice neighborhood.

You forgot 1. Co-founding Apple and building Pixar 2. Taking profits from early work at Oracle to found Siebel Systems 3. Making up stories like Harry Potter (U.K., I know, but still) 4. Providing a better service for financial data 5. Building a PC company from your dorm room

Thoughts from a descendant of slaves on the Fourth of July:

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About five years ago, I met with @coinbase  CEO @brian_armstrong  to get to know the company. I downloaded the app and he sent me $1 in #Bitcoin  to show me how it works. I decided to keep the $1 to track Bitcoin’s progress:

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I can't think of a country I want to visit badly enough to hand over this info to its government

And THIS is why Apple and others won't trust the government with a back door:

I guess you can’t attack the infrastructure of American democracy and capitalism and assume you still get to use all your internet services.