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Point is, for all the people laughing at the notion that gender and sex can be scientifically complicated, well it can — even if you wish to dismiss gender identification as some sort of mental illness.
It feels pointless to discuss “science” with those shouting “binary” but let’s try. Forget feelings. What if you’ve had gender reassignment surgery and in almost every way but that Y chromosome, you’re female by cultural standards. Should you be in an all-male dorm or prison?
Whoa, a WOW story -- the Trump Admin has a new definition of sex that would render 1.4 million transgendered people legally nonexistent: sex is "a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.” https://t.co/tGgtA2wGZO
This sums up the Trump White House position: the president’s claim to success is going to be job creation, hard stop. Everything else will be subsumed by that political reality. You can’t expect otherwise. It’s up to voters to decide whether that is enough. They just might agree.https://t.co/odczIw9dRm
The era of Trump is proof of the political merits of shamelessness. Attack Kyrsten Sinema for opposing the Iraq War but she didn’t suggest some libertarian join the Taliban & anyone who has watched the clip knows it. Treason! https://t.co/UgvD1D5MMV
"'Treason!' Martha McSally cried! It was a slightly awkward rejoinder. But it also appears to be Ms. McSally’s closing argument." @jestei goes to Arizona and finds a Kyrsten Sinema campaign running in the center but taking on brutal fire from the right. https://t.co/dVnhQhSOqi
If you ever needed evidence that the plutocrats are buying every branch of government, I give you @adamliptak's yarn on the Heritage Foundation and the law clerks: “Generous donors made a significant financial investment in each and every attendee.” https://t.co/BHAW9LPRnk
Some claims are absurd, like ⁦@tedcruz⁩ saying he never voted to weaken pre-existing condition protections, but GOP candidates are softening their tone on health care even as their leaders say they’ll revisit ObamaCare repea if they hold Congress. https://t.co/RhTqIDp2p6
First, Jamal Khashoggi's killers severed his fingers during an interrogation. Then they beheaded and dismembered him, according to details from audio recordings published in the Turkish news media on Wednesday. https://t.co/gQYHaqm67S
Relatively high marginal rates took a share of wealth growth for the richest of the rich and higher estate tax rates nabbed the wealth transfers of the very rich. Since then, Congress has lowered all of the rates that generated the last budget surpluses.
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