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Regis Maher, co-founder of Do It Outdoors, the mobile and digital billboard company, said a campaign like the National Inquirer's pro-Trump effort with that level of national prominence would cost $2.5 million to $3 million a month. @jimrutenberg is smart. https://t.co/T4cFH0WtSR
As a way to appreciate the scope of the impact, a onetime $10 increase in 1995 on all the 8,000 apartments involved would put the total overpaid by tenants at more than $33 million to date, an analysis of approved rent increases shows.
I mean, c’mon. “Padding invoices had a secondary benefit for the Trumps, allowing them to inflate rent increases. “The higher the markup would be, the higher the rent that might be charged,” Robert Trump, the president’s brother, admitted in a deposition. https://t.co/bMBSTrNCst
Remember all those companies and their high-minded demands that Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith refund their campaign contributions after her "public hanging" comment? Well @npfandos finds, she hasn't -- and doesn't plan to. https://t.co/Xnw3hFiMxH
"The only restaurant the Trumps are known to have frequented is the steakhouse at the Trump Hotel. Trump, a proud non-foodie, prefers fast food and overflowing bowls of ice cream to charred brussels sprouts or shakshuka from restaurants with wait-lists." https://t.co/HZTDa2X9TR
"Gone are the days of local chefs parading through the East Wing, running cooking demonstrations on the South Lawn or making sweet potato agnolotti for a White House state dinner." @jestei tackles the Donald Trump "food fracas" the way only @jestei can. https://t.co/HZTDa2X9TR
So to recap, the president’s personal lawyer pleads guilty to a felony, which he and prosecutors said was perpetrated at the request of @realDonaldTrump and now, White House spokesman @hogangidley45 admonishes the press for listening to a convicted felon.
Wait, just learned that Def Leppard is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Seriously? Name a song that will live on.
Wheeling, dealing, and hemming herself in: How Nancy Pelosi has gotten herself the 218 votes she needs to win the speakership -- for no more than 4 years. https://t.co/0N9EeltWDm
When the federal government's broadcasting outlet calls George Soros “a nonbelieving Jew of flexible morals,” isn't it time to stop wondering if anti-Semitism has infiltrated official Washington and start trying to eradicate it? https://t.co/CJIubh3Ie8
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